The Juicey Hemp Evolution

                                                             Am I a criminal?

I think not.

I grow a plant, some call it pot.

I call it Cannabis.

And I love it a lot.

Yet, some claim it criminal, to do what I do.

I grow and eat of the Holy Tree of Life.

It builds within me:

A Temple of Love.

A Fountain of Youth.

Radiant health from happy health cells.

Created from the food that I eat.

Live living foods create light bodies.

Healthy bodies embodying the truth.

“You are what you eat”.

So I eat Light.

Not Shite.

Shit, shite, call it what you like,

If you eat McDonalds, you’re eating Shite.


No, cow shit.

Ripping them apart on the killing floor.

Accidents happen, colons split.

Shit happens, and it happens to be in junk food, and fags too!



As some would call them.

Human shit, in cigarettes?

Yes, and that’s not all.

Arsenic, cyanide, formaldehyde, pigs blood and grown with phosphate fertilizers, they’re radioactive too.

And that’s legal?!

Legal maybe, but not lawful.


There is a difference.

And I live by the Law, Common Law, and that’s why I grow Hemp.

Cannabis, Cannabis Hemp.

Call it what you like, and I can assure you of this.

There is no law that prohibits the cultivation of this plant.

It may be ‘illegal’, according to some.

But not me.

For we are policed by consent.

And I give no consent to any legislation that says a plant is ‘illegal’.

How crazy is that?!

So why all this madness?

What’s going on?

Well, the governments, the courts, the police, it’s all a bit of a scam.

They’re all corporations and they’re out to make money.

Profits for their shareholders.

The Rothchild’s, Rockefellers, bloodsuckers all.

So the’re the real criminals, the bankstar mafia,

Warmongering, mass murdering, out and out baddies.

Yet, they still need Love.

And I feel in my heart, that’s what they lack most.

Cruel heartless actions from sad broken hearts.

So Babylon, “I Love you, I forgive you, you’re just doing your job”.

And I’m doing mine.

And, that is to destroy you with Love.

I destroy the illusion of control through fear.

So stand up and be counted!

Those that seek change.

A lawful rebellion is upon you Babylon.

You are due to be exposed for the criminals that you are.

You have lied to us.

Cheated us.

Enslaved us and killed us.

But you cannot kill the spirit.

The true essence of who we are.

We are Divine sovereign beings.

No ones slave and no ones master.

And united we stand in our commitment for Love, truth and justice to prevail upon this land.

So I lawfully rebel against you Babylon, and all your corruption.

And I rebel through action.

Direct action.

As I plant seeds, Hemp seeds.

Seeds of liberation.

“For the leaves shall be for the healing of the nations”.

So please take action.

Join the Hemp Evolution!

Plant it, grow it, eat it, and juice it for a whole new sensation.

The sensation of liberation.

Liberation from pain, fear and doubt.

So get juicing, hemp juicing.

That’s where it’s at.

The cutting edge of live, living food, super elixirs.

It’s deep green and very potent.

Too potent for many, so juice it with your veggies and fruit.

And wow, feel the results.

A health happy body in tune with the Divine.

Agenda 21?!

Not really feeling that.

It seems to me like someone’s out of control, desperately trying to gain control.

So take control.

Control of your life and your health.

Juice fresh Hemp! And I’ll leaf you with that!