Healing Hemp Magic

I’m here to instigate an evolution,

An evolution in consciousness.

Awakened minds shine bright

As the truth be told

‘Cannabis is our Salvation’

Our Liberation

It shall set us Free

Free of the illusion of separation

We are One

One family of Love

And as we eat from the Tree of Life,

So are we reborn

Illuminated Souls

Feed again with Healing Hemp Magic

Cells function, consciousness flows back and for,

from post to pre synaptic,

Hemp is Fantastic

For it feeds the body on all levels

Primary, essential nutrients are held within

it’s fruit, achene’s,

Seeds to you and me

And you, me and everyone benefits in eating of

this plants leaves and flowers.

Hemp seeds are great;

Fats, protein, minerals,

it has it all in perfect balance.

Synagistic cosmic biology

The seeds are certainly that.

Yet to get the Full Hemp experience,

of deep cellular healing and beyond,

is to eat of Hemp leaves and flowers.

For then your body will get the full cosmic download,

of what our dear friend Dr Coutney states as;

‘.. a dietry essential’

So to be true Humanoids

We need our Cannabinoids THC, CBD, CBG,

wow this list seems endless,

Sixty plus of these phytocannabinoids

Designed for us,

a gift for us

To be truly us.

The light beings that we are.

All is light

So let in the light

To the temple of your being

Your Hempathic being

To Shine Bright:

Eat Light

Light foods with High Vibration

And the highest of the High,

is Hemp of Course.

This truly is the one for you and me.

To set us Free

So please, feel Free

Free to be free of the illusion of

fear, separation and doubt.

Get Out!

Get out of the Matrix of Delusion and Confusion

There is another World

A Hemp world

It’s just waiting to Happen

So please make it Happen

Join the Hemp Evolution

And feel the power of being truly Free.