The Raw of Cannabis

With Cannabis, if you wanna get healed then juice it fresh ‘n Wild

Wanna get High?

Then dry

Dry the Bud and get the drug

To ‘Drug’ is to ‘dry’

Dried Buds are Drugs

Fresh leaf ‘n Byd is natural plant superfood

A dietry essential

Allowing the body to fully function

Bio-feed back from post to pre-synaptic

Hemp is fantastic



This plant is off the scale

Providing us with a perfect balance of key essential nutrients

This plant has it all.

Cannabis is designed for us.

To eat, to Heal

And I feel, having done it many, many years ago, that smoking Herb

is not thy way to full cellular healing.

It may get you high for a while,

Maybe take away some pain.

But, for full power, light body activation

The fast track to cellular healing and beyond

Is Cannabis Raw,

not cooked or burnt.

But Raw

Now eating buds raw is quit a feet.

I know I’ve done it.

So be creative.

Bhang Hi and Fly

Into the sky of unlimited potential

Ganja guacamole

Simple, nutritious and delicious

Socilally uplifting

Raising spirits.

The connecting of Hearts and Souls.

The melting of egos.

The unity of being.

A Hempathic being I am.

For I am the Love

I am the Light

For I eat of the Holy tree of Life and it has set me Free

So, please try Raw Cannabis

The Hemp Evolution is upon us.

It cannot be stopped

We have a destiny with Cannabis and that is it’s Liberation

Freely growing

Wild and Free

For we are Free

Free to sow and grow

The Holly Tree of Life

& to eat of it’s Leaves and Flowers

‘For the leaves shall be for the Healing of the Nations’

& the Flowers

Give us powers

To be who we are truly here

Divine Sovereign Beings

So please eat some Hemp

& shine your Light

The star that you are.

For Hempstars we are one.

One family of Love

Thank you

I Love you

Free Love