Light Beings -Shine Bright-

My deepest desire is to Inspire

To be a pillar of Light into this World.

Shining Brightly, Cosmic Consciousness

Flowing from this being that is I.

For I is all, all is I

I & I is eternal

No beginning and no end.

For I is free of ego,

That ego mind that is lost in Time.

Time, there is no linear time.

It’s all just part of the cycle of the play in which we role,

The Lelah which unfolds.

As Above, so Below

A battle rages,

Within and without.

Two forces, Yin and Yang

Projected by ego as good and bad

Right and wrong

Judged by mind.

Please, feel with Love.

Follow that feeling of Love expanding from your Heart.

We are beings of Love

So be the radiant being of Love that you are

Shine your star, you are a Star, a Super Star

Light Beings, please fear not the dark

It’s all an illusion

The light is within you to see your way home

Home to the radiant Star that you are

Out of the prison of your ego mind

Monkey minds gone mad?

Have the mad monkeys taken over the asylum?

Well that would be no surprise in the age of Kali Yug.

An era of Lies, Deception & Dishonesty, or so it has been fortold.

Yet all is changing as we awake

So, please wake up and shine your light

So that others may follow

& the hundredth monkey does awake

The plot unravels

Babylon has fallen

Angels rejoice

As a river of Love flows from the hearts of all beings

Drawing us together as an ocean of Love

We are Home,

We are Free

Free Love, that’s me