For me personally, the ingestion of Cannabis has been massively influential in providing the creative stimulus to write what I, and many people have said, as being some very profound poetry.

The first poem (from July 2003), ‘The Free Cannabis Rap’, is not really a poem in the true sense, but it certainly is poetic, came to me after being asked by the Green party to do do a talk about Cannabis outside the Home Office. I started writing the usual sort of political rant, but then I smoked some Cannabis and ‘The Free Cannabis Rap’ is what came.

“Love Down Babylon’ is more of a song than a poem, but then again it is quit poetic so for now I’m including it in the poetry section. It came to me in the summer of 2004 when I was out in Spain sat by a waterfall drinking some Rioja and smoking an Ital spliff. The chorus had already been given to me by my friend Sky.

All subsequent poetry has come to me since I quit smoking Cannabis in February 2005, the first of these being ‘the Hemp Poem’, which came to me in late Spring 2005, just as it started to rain after a particularly dry early spring.

It was in the summer of 2005 that having watched the film ‘Super Size me’ I was inspired to ‘Super Hemp Me’ and drank green Hemp milk for 30 days. During this ‘Super Hemp Me’ Green Hemp Milk feast I drank some Bhang and  the poem ‘Tree of Life’ came to me.