Hempathic Being

Do you feel it?

Have you felt it?

Have you had the Hemp experience?

How was it for you, that first time?

Can you remember?

Maybe you ate some Hemp seeds and felt the nutritional rush of Omega 3, 6 and 9

essential lipids divinely proportioned for the temple of your being.

Your Hempathic being.

A temple of Love.

A being of Light.

And once feed Hemp foods the light shines more brightly.

The skin glows.

Eye’s twinkle.

Mouths smile and the world smiles with you.

Ahhh, do you feel it now?

Light foods create Light bodies.

And light bodies do best in Hemp clothing.

So have you felt it?

What it’s like to be dressed in Hemp?

Your body breathes a sigh of relief.

Not only is Hemp fibre naturally organic, it’s hollow to, releasing moisture and holding warmth.

Three times the tensile strength of Cotton it wears in, not out.

But when you are out, out and about.

Those funky waves bounce back, protected by the Hemp that adorns you, adores you.

Loves you.

Yes, your Hemp clothing really Loves you.

For they are from the Holy Tree of Life, and it’s vibrations now surround you.

Protecting you. Loving you.

However to become the starlight being that you really are,

best eat from the Holy tree of life,

 so that you may truly experience Hempathic being.

For Hemp flowers are a dietary essential, allowing for Healthy Cell function,

& biofeedback  between the brain synapsis.

Our body’s talk back to us.

We find homeostasis

A body balanced.

At peace, at ease.

Free of disease.

Free to feel the experience of  the Devine flow of awakened consciousness.

Hempathic beings awake.

Eat, please eat, from the Holy Tree of Life and experience the cellular awakening of your Devine radiant being.

A being of Love

A being of Light.

Hempathic beings, Hemp be with you.

May Hemp surround you, be with you, one with you.

In Love, always in Love with you.

Protecting you.

Guiding you home to the radiant being of Love that you are.

True Hempstar.

Super Star

Please embrace this world with Love as your guide.

Shinning bright.

The truth be told.

As we plant those Hemp seeds far and wide.

Healing with Hemp and liberating with Love.

Always with Love.