Hemp, Medicinal food for Body, mind and spirit.


A famous Greek physician once said ‘Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food’, and if ever there was a candidate for the most perfectly balanced medicinal plant food source on the planet, then Hemp, is surely the one.


One only has to look at a mature Hemp plant to see the awesome power of this plant. Growing from a tiny seed planted in early spring, by autumn, it has grown into a massive tree, growing 2m or more, even in a northern temperate climate. The glistening female flowers can yield up to half their weight in a highly nutritious edible seed. Hemp seeds, or to be more botanically correct, achenes (small dried nuts), contain a perfect balance of essential nutrients. They contain a perfect balance of essential fatty acids, omega 3 (alpha-linolenic) and omega 6 (linoleic acid) in the perfect 1:3 ratio as proclaimed by Udo Erasmus in the highly acclaimed ‘Fats that heal, Fats that kill’. Hemp also contains the very rare omega 9 EFA (gamma-linolenic acid), a very powerful anti-inflammatory and hormonal balancer.


Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) are considered ‘essential’ because our bodies cannot produce them, nor can they be created from other fats or oils. EFAs are powerful antioxidants that help our body in many ways and are widely considered as being an essential part of a healthy diet. They improve our immune system. They help burn excess fat by supplying readily available energy, which in turn removes toxins from the skin, intestinal tract, kidneys and lungs. EFAs  feed the brain and eyes, which are largely comprised of Omega 3. They also help lubricate joints as well as our cardiovascular system.


Hemp is also a complete protein source, containing all eight essential amino acids. Amino acids are the chemical building blocks that make up protein, the 2nd most abundant substance in the body after water. Protein is the master builder of the cellular body, building organs, glands, muscles, tendons, and nearly every aspect of our incredible cellular creation. Not only is protein essential to the very growth of our bodies, it is also utilized in maintaining balanced blood sugar and brain chemistry. Protein helps with cellular communication, endurance, healing, detoxification and nearly every function of the healthy human body.


Hemp protein is also high in globular edestin, 65% of total protein, the highest level found in the plant kingdom. ‘Edistin’ is derived from the Greek word ‘edestos’, meaning edible. Many scientists claim that edistin is the most edible and digestible form of protein. The remaining protein in Hemp is albumin, which is also considered to be an easily digested protein. Both edistin and albumin are termed ‘soft’ broad spectrum proteins which are hypo-allergenic (low allergic reaction) unlike the coarse proteins found in meat, dairy and to a lesser extent, unsoaked nuts, which many people have difficulty digesting.


Because the Hemp plant has such a deep penetrating tap root system, which not only helps prevent soil erosion and land slides, it also draws up an incredible array of nutrients, making Hemp one of the most mineral rich seeds found on Earth. They also contain Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6 as well as other trace elements.


Hemp is also one of the few seeds that contain chlorophyll. This is because within the tough outer shell, are two tiny leaves that coat the nutrient dense centre.


Hemp seeds also contain significant levels of lecithin, a fat matabolizer that helps build healthy brain tissue and supports the liver.


Another advantage of Hemp is that the seeds don’t usually mature until autumn, resulting in lower levels of phytic acids and increased levels of enzymes, making them easier to digest than other seeds and nuts.


So as I hope you can see by now, Hemp really is indeed a true ‘Superfood’. As leading live food nutritionist David Wolfe states in his latest book ‘Superfoods’; ‘No other single plant source has the essential amino acids in such an easily digestible form, or has the essential fatty acids in as perfect a ratio to meet human nutritional needs.’


Another great advantage of Hemp is that it grows in a wide variety of soil conditions and climates, and being such a strong plant their is no need for herbicides or pesticides, making for a perfect organic crop. And as Hemp can be grown locally, one doesn’t need to burden the planets resources with unnecessary transportation.


So what can you do with Hemp seeds? Well of course you could just eat them straight from the bag. They have both a nutty crunch and delicious nutty flavour. Even though they are one of the easiest to digest seeds as they are, soaking them overnight removes any enzyme inhibitors making the seeds even more digestible. Sprouting the seeds dramatically increases nutrient levels and makes them more bio-available. Soaking the seeds also softens the tough carbon fibre outer shell which some people find hard to crunch and chew up.


You could grind the seeds down to make ‘Ma-tse-pan’. The original Ma-tse-pan derived from the Chinese Ma(Hemp), Tse(seed), Pan(ground) was made from ground Hemp seeds, almonds and dates. Ummmm …. delicious. You could substitute the almonds and dates with avocado and garlic to make a savory Hemp spread. It is also possible to make a Hemp milk. At its simplest this could be made by taking a handful of soaked Hemp seeds and blending them with a glass of spring water and then squeezing the pulp through a muslin cloth or sieve. The more seeds you use the creamier the milk. This plain white milk could then be re blended with a couple of bananas to make a delicious Hemp smoothie. An even more nutritious Hemp milk can be made using a slow speed auger juicer. Passing  greens (Hemp leaf, nettles and, or cleavers), celery and the occasional spoonful of soaked Hemp seeds through the juicer makes an incredibly potent green Hemp milk, which I have fasted on for periods of 40 days with incredible results on all levels of my being. (Search under ‘Green Hemp milk’ on ‘you tube’)


An important point to remember about Hemp nutrition, and to a greater or lesser extent with all plants, is that many of the nutrients, especially the Omega 3 EFA are very heat sensitive. Cooking Hemp seeds transforms the healing EFAs into toxic free radicals, highly reactive compounds that attack healthy cells, possibly creating, after long term exposure, tumours and cancer.


Never cook Hemp seeds, eat them raw, or better still sprouted. This sensitivity of the Omega 3 EFA also means that it is inadvisable to use dehulled Hemp seeds that have been exposed to light, air or heat. . Nature provides the perfect protector with its tough carbon fibre shell, which also helps with digestion.  If you do wish to buy dehulled seeds by them in vacuum packed opaque packaging.


Not only is Hemp seed an incredible food source, but the leaves and flowers also contain many healing properties.


The leaves are very high in Silica, which helps build strong bones and beautiful skin, lustrous hair and tough shiny nails. The high fibre content of the leaf also helps clear the digestive tract.


Both the female and to a lesser extent the male flowers and leaves, contain a unique group of chemical compounds called Cannabinoids. Of the sixty or so Cannibinoids that have been identified, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the most abundant and powerfull. It is a very powerfull anti-inflamatory, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant that reapairs free-radical damage within the body and as clinically proven in the early 1970’s, eliminates



The leaves and flowers are rich in chlorophyl and are highly alkaline. The high alkalinty helps balance the slight acidity of the seeds and helps to neutralise the excess acidity that many people are troubled with after consuming a ‘conventional’ diet of meat, pasturized dairy, and refined nutrient deficient ‘foods’.


Eating the male pollen is also highly beneficial as it is a highly complex structured protein, with a wide spectrum of nutrients, growth hormones, uncorrupted DNA and  high levels of lecithin which as stated previously, help build brain and organ tissue. The protein within pollen contains high levels of tryptophan which is a precursor to serotonin an important neurotransmitter involved in waking consciousness which converts into a regulatory hormone (melatonin) that shuts down the organ systems, quieting the body in preparation for the finer and subtler realities of higher consciousness. The pineal gland initiates a cascade of inhibitory reactions, permitting visions and dream states to emerge in our conscious awareness. Eventually, the brain synthesizes the “spirit molecules” 5-methoxy-dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT) and dimethyltryptamine (DMT), facilitating the transcendental experiences of universal love and compassion.


Queen Victorians personal physician Dr Reynolds, proclaimed that ‘.. when pure, and administered carefully, Cannabis is one of the most valuable medicines we possess.‘ Cannabis by the way is the Latin word from which Hemp is derived, so ultimately they are the same plant, one name is English and one is of Latin origin.


So by combing the seeds, leaves and flowers into a super charged Green Hemp milk, is in my opinion, quite possibly the most powerful health drink on the planet. Not only is such a drink incredibly healing on the physical level, it also does wonders for ones emotional state and spiritual awareness. In the Vedas it tells of the story of the Yogi-Christ ‘Lord Shiva’, who so energized by his experience of eating Cannabis, he brought it down from the Himalayas for human enjoyment and enlightenment.


The spiritual bliss of Hemp comes from the interaction of the Cannabinoids with what scientists have called the ‘CB1 Cannabinoid receptor system’. These receptor sites which have been found throughout the body, but are mainly focused in the brain, which when activated with Cannabinoids release a variety of ‘bliss hormones’ such as seratonin, dopamine and anandamide. My personal experiences of eating Hemp flowers are absolutely amazing and cannot, I feel be expressed in words. It is a feeling to be experienced directly.


Legendary Emperor Shen-Nung, who almost five thousand years ago encouraged his people to grow Hemp, allegedly claimed that Chu-Ma (female Hemp flowers), was ‘..the superior elixir of immortality’. Immortality? Is this possible? Well yes, quite possibly it is. If ones energetic field is so highly charged, through a diet of electron rich super foods such as Hemp, and one immerses oneself deeply within the elements of nature, then how can one age?


“Eat Hemp and live forever”


As awareness about Hemp grows, hopefully more Hemp will be grown providing people with a cleaner, healthier environment, both internally through it’s use as a medicinal food, and externally as more Hemp means increased oxygen in the air, less agrochemicals and a cleaner greener healthier planet.


Plant Hemp, eat Hemp, wear Hemp and please support Hemp wherever you can.


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