Back to Nature

Time is drawing nearer and nearer

Babylon falling

a new era dawning

2012 fast approaching

Best hold on tight for the ride of your life.

Which way will you go

Will you follow your bliss?

Or will you miss?

The chance of your life to open your heart to a new dimension

please give it some attention

Will you follow your heart

Or will your mind bring you to fear

Oh no my dear

I do hope not

So follow your heart and follow your bliss

and you will not miss

riding the wave of super bliss

even better than Cannabis

is coming back

back to the source

back to the garden

I’m in Heaven

Here it is

It’s all within us, around us

Don’t be fooled by Babylon projections

Miss-directions of the vision mind

playing tricks with dodgy drugs

funky waves and mutant bugs

choose wisely where you live

don’t just think about it

feel it

and follow you heart out of the Babylon matrix

It’s all an illusion

of confusion, delusion and mass intrusion

into your body’s and minds

So please find the time to step out of time

and into the natural flow of the divine

Light shinning bright within you

What makes it glow?

Follow that

that feeling

of healing

from Mother Divine

When you open your heart

and let it all in

all is one

There is no doubt

But something feels

In my heart

It saddens me

Sees polluted

Forests flattened

Earth plundered

Mother Earth raped by Babylon

okay it saddens me

When I feel the hurt of my Mother

but it doesn’t get me down.

For I’m putting up resistance

I won’t accept it

This doesn’t feel good to me

So I’m following my bliss

out of this

Back to nature

With the elements

That heal me

vibrate with me

sing to me

their Love for me

A bird, a tree or bumble bee

and I will see paradise revealed to me

So would you like to join me on a journey into the hills

far, far away.