Love Poem for Mother Gaia


I would like to share with you, a love poem for Mother Gaia,

for my Love for her made me feel:

I don’t need to work for a living, for I live for living,

living in the light of understanding that I am a child of the universe.

I came through the Sun soul traveling,

home to Earth, back to Gaia,

who bore me through Mother Divine,

to feel her Love deeply, deeply within this soul,

a spiritual being having the experience of being human.

And human becoming I am,

for I feel the love within me reflected back in every face,

in every plant and every tree,

in every lake and every sea,

it’s all within me,

I feel it,

it’s Love for me,

and I for it, for it is I,

I and I, the Love Divine,

the Heavenly Father, the Earthly Mother,

all is one in the great design,

the master plan, unfolding before conscious eyes.

The trouble and strife, it’s part of this life to see the effects

of free will misdirected to separate us, confuse us, delude us.

So let’s join hand in hand, hearts connected,

following the path back to the light of unity consciousness,

that we are all of one.

So let the Love between us, here in paradise.,

that place within us,

within us, deep inside our hearts,

where God’s Love resides.

Ahhhh, how I feel your Love, the Love divine, it’s nectar flowing through my heart, opening the doorway back to the source,

back to the source of the Love that created me,

back to my Father, for he is within me, as is my Mother,

they created me, the Love divine, from which I shine the light of understanding that we are all of one.

One Love,

One Heart,

One God,

I’m Free.

Free, Free of the misunderstanding that we are in someway separate from each other,

for we all came from the Source,

an explosion of Love expanding ever outwards,

on all levels and all dimensions.

And as the love flows from the source,

passing through the dimensions of existence,

the particles of Love coalesce,

forming Suns, Stars and beings of light,

that walk, talk, fly and grow upon this earth,

until that day that the star portal opens,

and we consciously fly through the eye of the Sun,

coming closer, closer, to the source of the Love that created us.

So to help us grow I would say this:

Forgive all, Love all.

To all beings on all dimensions;

I Love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I thank you.

honor your body as the temple of Love that it is.

Feed it with Love, feed it with Light.

Drink of the pure waters of Mother and child.

Be in the elements,

naked and barefoot on Mother Earth.

Soak it all in,

the Love of the Angels of the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother,

connecting with the Sun, Air, Earth and Water,

all is divine Love sent.

Be it, feel it, Live the Light day and night

in gratitude for the gift of life,

and the unfolding of consciousness within us, around us

as we return back, back to the Source,

our Earth reborn.

A new Jerusalem,

Gaia healed.

Trees growing everywhere,

Flowers blooming, here and there,

fruits flowing freely here in the Garden of Paradise.

And please don’t ever forget,

that it’s in the awareness of the Here and now

that paradise lies, unfolding before your eyes,

it’s just how you see it,

with Love it’s paradise.

So Love your way home,

home of the Love and the Light that created you.

For I and I, Love You