Greetings and blessings of Love to you my fellow being of Love and Light.

Welcome to, the cyber home of Free Love Cannabis, Hemp missionary, Cannabis activist and very, very much man on a mission.

And that mission is to raise awareness about the most healing, beneficial plant on the face of the planet;


The name Cannabis Hemp is used to remind us that this is one of the same plant, first named in Latin, then in English.

The Cannabis Hemp plant has been in service to Humanity for thousands of years providing us with our most basic of needs. From the dawn of the era when man first farmed the land, to the start of the industrial revolution, Cannabis Hemp was the most widely cultivated plant on the planet, providing us with our  basic needs of :

Food, Fibre, Fuel and Medicine.

And what an incredible medicine this is. Not only does ingesting Cannabis flowers help cure Cancer, MS, arthritis, glaucoma, tumours, ME, stress and chronic pain, it also helps open the heart to such incredible states of universal Love and compassion that Cannabis will help bring us into a state of world peace and harmony, for when we eat from the ‘Tree of Life’;

‘The Leaves shall be for the Healing of the Nations’


There are many messages of Hope and Joy within this website,
but the one that is most profound is that we can and we will:


Heal with Hemp and Liberate with Love


Please note that even though Cannabis and Hemp are one of the same plant, I do acknowledge the fact that nowadays many people associate the more industrial uses of the plant with the name Hemp and the more medicinal and Spiritual uses of the plant with the name Cannabis.