What On Earth is Going On?

What on Earth is going on?

We’re cutting down trees,

The lungs of the Earth.

We’re drilling out oil,

The blood of the Mother,

our dear Mother Earth.

Earth, I am one with you.

Inter Stellar stardust.

Light vibrations from far out in space.

And we are far away from home.

From the stellar explosion that created us.

The light beings that we are.


What on earth Is going on?

Why this madness.

Well it’s called the Kali Yug.

An era of lies and corruption.

So what on Earth is going on?

Well it’s all part of a play.

The divine Lella.

And we all star in it.

For each and everyone of us is a star, a super star.

And it’s for you to shine your light.

So please come out of the dark.

Let go of all fears.

It’s all an illusion you see.

A Maya if you will.

But there is a nature to this reality.

As Hermes put it.

As Above, so below.

The universe is mind. The universe is mental.

Our thoughts create reality.

So please, think positive.

The governments, what are they up to?

Just look at the name and you’ll soon realize that

Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies:

The ‘Governor’ controls

And the ‘ment’ is mental, of the ‘mind’

And they lie and deceive; it’s just their role.

So let go of those fears.

It’s only false evidence appearing real.

Have faith.


Your soul is immortal, and you are connected to source energy.

So what to do?

Monsanto, DuPont and Philip Morris.

Is this evil that surrounds us?

No, I feel not.

I feel Love, a desperate cry for Love.

For acts of anger and rage are often a calling for Love.

So let’s forgive and Love.

I Love You

I’m Sorry.

Please forgive me.

I thank you.

I thank you Monsanto for being that mirror that challenged me to Love you.

You to Philip Morris.

Even though I smoked  your Marlboros at school.

That’s past and forgiven.

So let’s hold the vision.

A Hemp revolution.

Feeding, building, clothing and healing a whole new world; A Hemp World.

This is a Hemp planet.

And Hemp’s been here far longer than we have.

For it came from the Stars.

With the sky people from Sirius.

Yes seriously, Sirius.

The Two Dog Star,

Or could that be:

‘Canna’ – Dog

‘Biss’ – Two

2 Dog Star, Cannabis

Yes this is in deed a stellar gift from Sirius

Who came from the sky and landed at Sky.

The isle of Sky,

In an era of Equitorial Paradise gardens.

And as the isles moved North.

The Skythians headed South, bringing with them this gift to the world,


A heavenly gift for our liberation out of this ‘petrochemical nightmare’.

So please ‘Choose Hemp’.

Hemp for Food

Hemp for Fibre

Hemp for Fuel

Hemp for Medicine.

Two names. One plant

And a great Solution.

The Hemp solution.

So join the Hemp Evolution.

An evolving plant upon a revolving and evolving planet.

Planet Hemp

Welcome Home.