Tree Of Life


As I cast the sacred seed upon the Earthly Mother,

so I invoke the healing power of her Goddess Angels.

Shine forth oh Angels of Power bringing us the energy of the Fire of Life.

Flow over I and I oh Angels of Love, for the the plant and I are one and all that is is Love.

Fill our heads with Divine knowledge, oh Angels of Wisdom,

for as I commune with the fruits of the Holy Tree of Life,

So am I filled with the wisdom of the Heavenly Father and the Earthly mother,

for we are all of one.

For the the Holy Tree of Life is the Tree of Eternal Life,

and as I commune with thee, so do I commune with the Angels of Eternal Life,

for the Cannabis plant is perfection in its creation,

a perfect balance of essential nutrients to rebuild the Temple of God within.

So shine forth into every cell of my body Angels of Eternal life,

so that one day I shall cast no shadow and stand with

the full glory of the Angels of Eternal Life.

And now that my Light Body is activated the work is just begun,

so fill me with your power oh Angels of Work so that I may spread the word

and get the message through:

Hemp is our Salvation

It really will heal the nation and reveal to us God’s incredible creation.

And now that the Tree of life is truly free,

so shall the Angels of Peace reign triumphant upon the Earth,

Heaven upon Earth, so shall it be.

Oh Angels of Peace I call upon you now,

bring us closer to that state of Bliss,

bring us closer to the days of fully liberated Cannabis.

I give thanks to you oh Heavenly Father, for guiding me to the Holy Tree of Life,

for as I commune with the Tree of Life so is my communion with you oh Heavenly Father,

for you are the great creator of all that is,

and with this plant oh Cannabis, I find salvation , a doorway home,

a portal for the immortal, I coming home, the illusion is breaking down, all is being revealed.

Babylon has fallen” the Angels rejoiced,

and there before great spirit, on the banks of the river of Love,

groweth the Holy Tree of Life,

and the Leaves shall be for the Healing of the Nations.

Thank you God.

Thank Goddess for Cannabis.

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