A Day in the Life of Free Cannabis


Forming Part II

of the Chronicles of Cannabis.

I am very much a man of routine and ritual. This is no doubt influenced by the fact that when I was born the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Pluto were all in the Star constellation of Virgo.  Virgo’s like structure and routine, so a life of routine comes naturally to me.

From March to November 2008-2009, I had the very good fortune to live up in the mountains of southern Spain, but now that I am living back in England, working full time at my Hemporium, Hemp in Avalon, from Tuesday to Saturday, my days are quit similar, of which there is a core structure, what I would call my Sādhanā, or spiritual practice, which is very uniform, and it is this structure that I wish to share with you now.


Before I start, I will say this. Not only do I follow set routines, my life is also quite disciplined and most of the time throughout the year, I am quite ‘on-it’. However there are times that I do ‘kick-back’ and take it easy, particularly when I’m not following a 40 day chanting discipline. These disciplines are explained in more depth within ‘The Path of a Yogi-finding the Light within’, a talk at Glastonbury Town Hall on March 20th (see events) and also a future instalment within the chronicles of Cannabis. However it is during these disciplines that I awake well before sunrise. At other times I enjoy very much having a lie in, especially during winter.


So let us begin at the start of the day, waking up.  There are times when I awake from a dream state and am in limbo between dream world and waking state. This is sometimes very confusing for me as I often have very profound lucid dreams involving my mother, who passed away into spirit over 20 years ago. I’m then feeling such a connection to the living soul of my mother that I find it confusing to connect with the consciousness that says my mother is ‘dead’.  Well my mother is fully alive in ‘spirit’ and as I become consciousness to this realization and I awake from my dream state I focus my mind on gratitude.


I always like to start my day by giving thanks. Giving thanks for the gift of life, to be alive, spirit incarnate in physical body at this incredible time of transformation on planet earth, as we, the children of the Love and the light, awaken to our divinity and are consciously co-creating heaven upon earth.


I then give thanks for having been born to such loving and supportive parents; My mother Inge who bore me into this world and is supporting and protecting me now from the higher spiritual realms; And my father Dennis who has given me so much Love and support  over the years. I Love my parents deeply and I am so happy that I maintain a good relationship with them.


I then give thanks for having been born without ailment, disease or any disabilities. I can see, touch, smell and if I wish taste the reality in which I experience life.


I give thanks for the fact that I have awoken to my divinity, that I am a child of Love, a being of unlimited potential who is a willing Loving servant to God, to Love, for God is Love.


I then give thanks for being in this comfortable bed in this beautiful house located within the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth.


The reason I do this is because I am truly grateful for all these things and I have found that the more I give thanks, the more the Universe gives me to be grateful for. This is the law of attraction. So many people, I have noticed are focused on what they haven’t got.  Living here in Glastonbury I am amazed at the high level of poverty consciousness and the mantra of “I’m skint, I haven’t got any money”. Well guess what.  As long as the mantra is repeated, one is likely to stay in that reality.  If you wish to stay skint that’s fine, however if you don’t, then a better mantra is “I am manifesting all the money I need to fulfil my needs and desires’”, or words to that effect.


After I have given thanks for things in life that I am grateful for, I then dream a little of what I wish for. Most of all I wish to live in a world of Love, peace and harmony, where all life is respected and we, the humans live in peace and harmony with the animals , the plants and the earth. Peace for all beings. Love everywhere. Joy and forgiveness, in my heart a prayer. A prayer to share, that we awake to our divinity and live as one, a family of Love.

After I get up, one of the first things I do is a body cleansing ritual. I mix psylium husks and zeolite clay with filtered and blessed spring water in a jar which I then drink.  This mixture acts in two ways. The zeolite has a very high negative charge, which draws in heavy metals and other toxic substances and then locks it into it’s incredible lattice structure. The psylium when mixed with water goes into a jelly like substance which passes through the body like an intestinal sponge.  This  makes sure that any toxins that may enter my body are regularly flushed away, keeps me very regular,  and I never get constipated. (Be warned, Virgos love talking about all things relating to the digestive system).


After this cleansing ritual it’s time for more body purification, firstly with dry body scrubbing. Using a natural bristle brush, always brushing towards my heart, and in a clockwise motion around my belly. I then embrace the Angels of the Water with a cold shower as I sing:


Oh blessed be to the Angels,

 to the Angels of the Water,

Oh how I salute thee,

and embrace they with all my Love.

As you wash over me, please will you cleanse me,

please will you heal me,

Rejuvenate me,

up-lift me with your Love.

For you are the water of Life,

you are the water light,

for as you flow over my body,

 you make my body glow.

On all levels and all dimensions

you are the water of God,

You are the water of Love,

And with this Love I sing to thee:

‘I love you in all ways and always

I love you,

 I thank you,

Love and Gratitude to you my Friend

Now that I have cleansed my energy body, I am ready for my prayers and affirmations.


Recently I have been really getting into the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. This, according to the Vedas, is the most powerful immortality mantra there is, and I always do this at sunrise and sunset.


So if I’ve been doing a sunrise Mantra discipline, I will follow this with a ‘puja’. This involves lighting some incense and then spinning the incense in a spiral motion as I give reverence to each of the effigies of the Gods and Goddesses  that adorn my alter and walls. For example I normally start with saying ‘Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Lakshmi Mata Ki Jai’, and then the same for Goddesses Durga, Saraswarti,  Kali, before honouring Shiva, Radha-Krishna and finally the spirit of Cannabis, ‘Jai Ganja’.


I follow this with an ascension meditation, very much influenced by Dr Joshua Stone, Spirit bless this beautiful soul and all the Love and inspiration that he has brought to this world.




Beloved presence of God, Goddess


I am the Soul, I am the Monad, I am the Light Devine,

I am Love, I am will, I am the Love Divine.


I am the Soul, I am the Monad, I am the Light Devine,

I am Love, I am will, I am the Love Divine.


I am the Soul, I am the Monad, I am the Light Devine,

I am Love, I am will, I am the Love Divine.


Beloved presence of God, Goddess, Melchizedek, Lenduce, Vywamus, Sanat Kamar, Djwahl Kuhl, Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, Acturians, Metatron, Mahahatma, Master Jesus, Babaji, Swammiji, Mother Amma, Mother Durga, Mother Lakshmi, Mother Saraswarti, Mother Parvati, Mother Kali

and all the ascended masters working for the Divine Plan,


I Free Love Cannabis hereby call forth a triple ascension seat activation of the Golden Chamber of Melchizedek, Lenduce’s ashram, and Shamballa, in conjunction with the Acturians and Lord Metatron.


I hereby call a full anchoring and activation of the 352 levels of the Mahatma,

all fire letters and key codes,

the microtrtron,

axatonial alignment,

brain illumination,

light quotient building,

seventh degree activation,

teleportation activity,

Mayavarupa energization,

36th actualisation in the crown chakra,

full Antakarana merger with the ascension column,

chakra balancing and strengthening, 

physicalization of the 12 strands of DNA,

perfect spinning of all electrons in my 4 body field,

seventh degree completion merger,

the 12 Christ Universes,

the opening of all Chakra chambers and facets,

light packets from the Great White Lodge on Sirius,

the anchoring of the Cosmic Heart,

the anchoring of the 12 bodies of light,

the anchoring of the 12 Cosmic Stations,

the opening of the Alpha and Omega chakras,

the opening of the ascension chakra,

the safe rising of the Kundalini energy up through my spinal column, passing up through my Heart chakra, to my Crown Chakra, and out in to the Cosmos, connecting the greater flame with the lesser flame, with ascension activation and blessings from the 12 mighty Elliom and the 12 mighty archangels so that I may be of greater service.


For I am the Soul, I am the Monad, I am the Light Devine,

I am Love, I am will, I am the Love Divine.


I am the Soul, I am the Monad, I am the Light Devine,

I am Love, I am will, I am the Love Divine.


I am the Soul, I am the Monad, I am the Light Devine,

I am Love, I am will, I am the Love Divine.



After this full cosmic charge up I recite a Hunna prayer of forgiveness;


Hunna prayer of forgiveness


Divine Creator, Father, Mother, Son as one.

If I, my family, relatives or ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives or ancestors, in thought, words, deeds or action from the beginning of our creation to the present we ask for your forgiveness.

Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all the negative memories, energies and blocks and transmute these unwanted energies into pure Love and Light.



After this prayer I recite my poem, Thank you, my Love;


Dear Mother, Dear Father,

I am your Loving Son, and I wish to give thanks to thee.

Thank you for breathing your breath into my soul

 and giving me the gift of Life.

Ah, the gift of Life

I am so very grateful.

I do consider this my temple

A temple of Love

A temple of Light

A temple of Peace

A temple to receive waves of Love into my heart

Illuminating my divinity, so that I can see the Goddess within us all

That power to create

So let’s celebrate

And co-create a temple of Love

Here in our hearts is where we’ll start

Forgiving all and Loving all

For then we shall see all,

 and feel all,

that all has come from Love.

Love, the power that has created us.

Love the power that sustains us

Love the power that shall Liberate us

For In the perfection of Love we shall escape from Samsara

and experience Nirvana

Eternal Bliss



Heaven upon Earth

So shall it be.


I then recite my poem, Wishing for Love;


I wish to live in a world

where the Land is shared not owned

I wish to live in a world

where the Earth is honoured not plundered

I wish to live in a world

where Cannabis is utilized not Demonised.

I wish to live in a world

of Peace not conflict

I wish to live in a world

where we make Love not War

And my wishes are coming true;

Because I love You

And with this Love

 we break through all illusions of separation

and as the fully awakened children

of the Love and the Light that we are,

we are consciously co-creating a world of

 Love,  Peace and Harmony.

Heaven upon Earth.

So Shall it be.


I then Chant ‘Om Lokah Samasta Sukino Bavantu’, 8 times and then it’s literal translation ‘May all the beings in all the worlds be happy and at peace’, repeated 4 times and then a slight variation on the exact translation ‘May all the beings in all the worlds be happy, healthy, wealthy and free’, again repeated 4 times.


To be continued.