We Are Free

We Are Free

(For Adya)


Thank you to the Heavens

Thank you to the Earth

Thank you to the stars

That gave me Birth

And thank you to the Tree that set me Free


Free of the illusion that I am ‘me’

‘me is Free?

This body this vehicle

Gross Matter

It matters not

For what is matter?

This substance of creation is Light

A vibration of Love from Divine Consciousness

That light is within us to manifest Heaven upon Earth


So as the scriptures has foretold:


“less you reach forth and eat from the Holy Tree of Life

and yee shall live forever”


For ever at peace


For ever at one


At one with Love


So please my brother, my sister


Heal thyself, know thyself


As a fractal of Love of Divine creator

So to heal, know this:


You are what you eat


So if you wish to become Light


An Ascended master of Light Being


Eat Light


Light foods with high vibration


And the highest of the high is Hemp of coarse


The Tree of Life


For the leaves of the Tree

shall be for the healing of the Nations’


So plant that seed

That seed of knowledge within the Tree of Life


The light is within you




And the darkness fades

Gone is the fear that held us back


For we are back

Back in the garden

The Garden of Love


And we are FREE!