Thank You, My Love

Dear Mother, Dear Father,

I am your Loving Son, and I wish to give thanks to thee.

Thank you for breathing your breath into my soul

 and giving me the gift of Life.

Ah, the gift of Life

I am so very grateful.

I do consider this my temple


A temple of Love

A temple of Light

A temple of Peace

A temple to receive waves of Love into my heart

Illuminating my divinity, so that I can see the Goddess within us all

That power to create

So let’s celebrate

And co-create a temple of Love

Here in our hearts is where we’ll start

Forgiving all and Loving all

For then we shall see all,

 and feel all,

that all has come from Love.


Love, the power that has created us.

Love the power that sustains us

Love the power that shall Liberate us

For In the perfection of Love we shall escape from Samsara

and experience Nirvana

Eternal Bliss



Heaven upon Earth

So shall it be.

thank you my love 

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