Love and Forgiveness

Dear Mother, dear Father

First of all I wish to say how much I love you.

However to truly Love, I must forgive, so I forgive you.

I forgive you for selling me into corporate slavery.

I’m sure you had no idea of what you were doing when you registered my birth, and signed my birth certificate.

I became property of the Regis, of the Crown, not the Queen, but the Crown.

The Crown Corporation.

A corporation built on slavery, war, addiction and death.

An Empire upon which the sun never set.

How can that be?

For one Crown to claim Sovereignty to so much of this world?

Why through force of coarse.

We’ll take your land and your resources thank you very much.

We’re British, we’re civilised, you’re not.

So we’ll take you as slaves and work our plantations to grow our drugs of addiction; sugar, tea, coffee, opium and tobacco of coarse.

Try these and we’ll enslave you for life.

And three of these five you gave me

And for that I forgive you.

Those sweets as treats, they drew me in, and in all honesty Sugar as sweets is the only drug I stole and stole for to feed my addiction.

So please forgive me mother, for it was you that I stole from.

I was an addict.

Sweets, cooked food, fags, TV, PlayStation and porn I was addicted to them all.

Yet now ‘I’m Free’

And I feel so liberated.

For I Love myself.

I forgive myself.

I’m only human and we can all make mistakes.

Yet, perhaps that is the greatest mistake, to say ‘I’m only human’

For we are far more than this, this flesh and blood is a vehicle to Spirit, to God, whatever you wish to call it.

And Dad, as you told me, My Grandmother used to say;

this is God, what we are experiencing

And yes, this experience of being Human is truly Devine.

When one awakes, awakens to the divinity of ones being, we are man, manifestos, instruments of God’s will.

We have the ability to create Heaven or Hell.

It’s just states of mind.

And in this mind, I choose gratitude, gratitude for being Human, and for that Mother, Father of Earth and Sky, I give thanks to thee.

Thank you so very much for this experience of Life, for I am exited.

Exited at the feeling that we shall soon emancipate ourselves from Slavery.

As we declare our sovereignty.

We are Devine sovereign beings.

No ones Slave and no ones master.

So I declare sovereignty.

And within my garden I shall plant the seeds of the Holly Tree of Life.

And as I juice and eat the leaves and flowers of this most sacred plant, so am I reborn.

To a body experiencing full cellular health and vitality.

I feel great right now, and I feel its only getting better.

My reality is health and vitality.

It suits me well I feel, to feel good, to see good, God in all.

For all is Love.

As is the Crown and all Corporations.

So let us say together as we petition the Devine, in the realisation that all is one,

I Love you

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

I thank you

Now that all is said and done.

Thank You

I Love you