Flying High

Hi, I like to fly high

high on Cannabis

Following my Bliss

For my bliss is Cannabis

I Love it oh so very much

For it is oh so very good for me

It feeds me

Clothes me

Shelters me

Heals me

Loves me

Loves you

As I Love you to

For I am Love

As are you



Everywhere Love

Flowing from my heart centre

Waves of Love to the Galactic core and back again

down into our dear Mother Earth

Deep down into her belly and back again into my heart centre

Ever flowing

Back and for

Love expanding everywhere

Ever outwards from my heart centre

waves of bliss touching the hearts of all beings

with the Love of the Mother

 the Love of the Father

with Divine creator

We are one

Thank you for the gift of Life

and the experience of being Human

Soul awakening to the I that I am

For I am that I am

I am Love

Divine Love

Infinite possiblities

No Limitations

So, action stations

Brothers and sisters

It’s time to ascend into the light

The light of Love

So please let go of all fears

It’s only false evidence appearing real

Please feel what’s real

What’s Love

Well, to feel the Love more deeply

I recommend to eat from The Tree of Life

For the Leaves Shall be for the healing of the nations

and we shall live as one

one family of Love

upon our dear Mother Earth

So eat some Ganja

and I’ll sense  you’re presence in the field of Love

The matrix of creation

All souls connected in the ocean of Love

We are Home

We are Free

Free Love

That’s me