Cannabis for Inspiration

Perhaps one of the most socially popular uses of Cannabis is the fact that when THC rich strains of Cannabis are ingested they interact with receptors located throughout the body, but mainly in the frontal cortex of the brain, and release a cascade of bliss inducing hormones. These feeling of bliss and euphoria have inspired many great works of art.  Not only has Cannabis inspired many great works of art, many people find they appreciate art more while under the influence of Cannabis medicines.

All the poems within ‘Hempathy’ were composed/channeled under the influences of Cannabis.

Not only does Cannabis have the capacity to release bliss inducing hormones, it also helps open the heart to unconditional Love and universal compassion for all beings.  This entheogenic property of Cannabis has made it a highly respected sacrament within many spiritual/religious paths.

Lord Shiva, the immortal ‘Yogi Christ’ of India is credited with having brought Cannabis down from the Himalayas for ‘Human enjoyment and enlightenment’ and the drinking of ‘Bhang’ (Cannabis drink) is central to many Hindu festivals, especially Shivratri.

In many texts it is claimed that Prince Sidharta, during his long periods of fasting ate only small amounts Hemp, some texts claim a seed a day, while some say a bud a day. This extended fasting and meditation lead to his enlightenment and for him to become known as The Buddha, he who is awake.