Hemp Poem

Oh the sweet sound of the pitter patter of the raindrops upon my window,

as the angels of the Water embrace the parched Mother Earth.

Oh how I missed her,

we need rain,

we need balance,

not extremes

So lets plant more trees.

Cannabis trees,

yes please,

That’s right, you heard me .

Cannabis, a carbon dioxide absorber extraordinare,

it will cleanse and purify our air

so let’s get planting,

and we shall chant while we plant

and clean the air,

there’s no need to despair

For the seed ball’s are a rolling,

growing , flowering everywhere.

So let’s plant Hemp everywhere.

Okay not quite everywhere,

but here and there, you no what I mean.

Between the trees and the houses, and the flowers and the roads.

Oh yeah , roads,what about them.

Spreading death and pollution

Let’s at least get running on Hemp Bio-Ethanol

Grown locally, Sustainably

Rebuilding the community

It’s plain to see, that Hemp is the Saviour of Humanity

Oh can’t you see the big joke of our so called democracy.

Who’s ruling who ?

Not me, I’m Free

Free to grow the Tree of Life

For I have rights you see ,

Human rights laid down under our so called ‘democracy’.

And what’s plain to see is the blatant lies and hypocrisy.

With their booze, fags and dodgie designer chemical drugs.

Enslaving, deranging

DNA de-arranging

It’s going on you know

but you can stop it

Cause you can

just eat male Hemp pollen

It’s full of uncorrupted DNA you see

so it will rebuild you internally

not only that, get this.

It’s loaded with tryptophan

which transfers to serotonin

to melotonin

to DMT, yeah DMT

The one that brings you into transcendental love and divinity

oh and of course there’s THC

THC what’s that?

Well that’s tetrahydrocabinol.

Wow that’s a bit of a mouthful.

Yeah a mouthful of concentrated solar light energy

rebuilding your body on a cellular level

filling you with light until the day you cast no shadow

and your’e ready to enter to the 2012 light portal for the Gangavour immortals.

So come on what you waiting for?

Plant those Hemp seeds far and wide

chanting the divine message sent: