September 23rd

Hemp Fest, Paddington Farm, Glastonbury

A one day festival celebrating the magic and potential of Hemp.

Sunday 24th 

Hemp fest Workshops held in Glastonbury Town

September 28th

Beyond Prohibition – Free Cannabis

Talk by Free Cannabis @ Town Hall, Glastonbury.


In this talk Free will explain the origins of Cannabis prohibition; from the ‘Holy Inquisition’ of the ‘Dark Ages’, to the ‘Opiate conferences’ of the 1900s, where Cannabis was claimed to be a poison with no known antidote, the use of which leads to the breakdown of all bodily functions, eventually leading to insanity, to the ‘Reefer Madness’ of 1930s America, where it was claimed that ‘Marijuana is the most violence causing drug known to humanity’, the prohibition of Cannabis is fundamentally based upon lies, hearsay and ‘gutter science’ , enacted to protect the vested interests of corporate business.

The tide is turning; many people are waking up to the fact that Cannabis is a very beneficial plant, the use of which is essential to our health and wellbeing.

In the USA over 30 states have legalised ‘medical Marijuana’ and in Canada Cannabis is widely available in dispensaries and will be legalized next year following Uruguay that legalized in 2013. Where next?

Beyond prohibition Cannabis will be Free. Free to be grown everywhere.

September 30th

‘Hemp-Aid’-‘Pop-up Cannabis dispensary’

Market Place, Glastonbury.

Cannabis has long been known as an incredibly safe, natural analgesic.

Are you, or someone you know in pain? Cannabis may help alleviate that pain. Encouraged by phenomenal feedback from people who have claimed to have ended years of chronic pain after using Cannabis, Free will be lawfully distributing a selection of Cannabis extracts and preparations freely with Love.

Peace Circle 3.30pm Declaration of Peace 4pm Hemp Aid 420

September 30th

‘Pot-for Peace’ Party

Bridie’s Yard, Glastonbury.

Poetry, music and sharing of the Herb, for the healing of the Nations.