Declaration of Peace


“And God said, behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth”   Genesis 1.29.


I declare that I am at Peace, safe in the knowledge that we have an inalienable,

God given right to cultivate, possess and utilize Cannabis to its full potential.


I live by the common sense of Common Law,

to respect Life and Love.


The Law is Love and Love is the Law


I do not consent to any legislation that is:


Fraudulent in its foundation, Treasonous in its enactment and Criminal in its enforcement.


The Misuse of Drugs act is Fraudulent,

Treasonous and Criminal,

and I am at Peace with this knowledge.


I am that, I am. I am You and We are One.


At Peace, We are Free


Free Cannabis


The British foundation of Cannabis prohibition legislation is fundamentally based on claims presented at the 1924 Geneva Opiates Conference. It was stated there, that hashish (Cannabis resin) is a poison with no known antidote. The use of which, leads to the breakdown of all bodily functions, eventually leading to insanity.

At that time, Britain had undertaken what has remained the most thorough investigation into the social, spiritual, and medical uses of Cannabis. The British Indian Hemp Drugs Commission of 1894, advised against prohibition. There was no recorded harm from the moderate use of Cannabis. Their conclusion was that it may in fact be beneficial.

Cannabis is one of the least known toxic plants on the planet.

No fatalities have been reported from its use.

Francis Young, Senior DEA Administrative Law Judge, stated in September 1988:

Marijuana in its natural form, is one of the safest

therapeutically active substances known to man”

We each have an ‘Endocannabinoid System’ (ECS), a regulatory system designed

to bring the body into homeostasis, balanced health and wellbeing.

Dr William Courtney MD has stated that;

Cannabis is a dietary essential, allowing for improved

cellular functioning of all 210 cell types.

In August 1911, Lord Asquith forced through the Parliamentary Act, which dissolved the ‘Royal Prerogative’. Legislation was thus passed, which was unconstitutional. This is treason.

High Treason. From that time, all acts of parliament have been treasonable.

They need to be examined, to determine if they are valid.

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, is a treasonous act of legislation.

The Law of this Land, is based on the ‘Book of the Law’ (aka the Bible) in which it states, that God has given us every herb bearing seed. This includes Cannabis. Any legislation prohibiting its cultivation or possession is against the Law.

The Law of the Land, the Common Law, predates all the treasonous acts of

legislation which the government has passed.

Police forces, MPs, government departments and the UK itself, are registered as limited companies on Dunn and Bradstreet’s database of businesses.

The Bank of England is also privately owned. It lends money to the treasury, with interest.

This funds the so-called ‘War on Drugs’.

The continued prohibition of Cannabis is enforced to maintain the Status Quo. It thus protects

the vested interests of Corporations. They pedal their often inferior, non-sustainable and

toxic products to a public who have been brainwashed into believing that Cannabis is harmful. The most hazardous thing about Cannabis is its prohibition.

This is surely a crime against peace and all humanity.

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‘Beyond Prohibition– Free Cannabis’ a talk by Free Cannabis @ Glastonbury Town Hall, 28/09/17


‘Declaration of Peace’ declared 4pm 30/09/17, Market Place, Glastonbury

Preceded by ‘Peace Circle’ @ 3.30pm and followed by Hemp Aid 420