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Free Love Cannabis


Man on a mission –


The story so far


Forming Part I of

The Chronicles of Cannabis


Free '97

Hi my name is Free, and I’m on a mission to raise people’s awareness about, and connection to, what I believe to be the most healing, beneficial plant on the face of this planet, Cannabis Hemp.


I first got involved with this mission when I read Jack Herer’s book ‘The Emperor Where’s no Clothes’ back in the summer of ‘95.


This book explained how that from a thousand years BC, up until the late 1800’s and the dawn of industrial revolution, Cannabis Hemp was the most widely cultivated plant on the planet, providing us with a highly nutritious food source, a strong and versatile fibre, a sustainable, clean fuel and a safe natural medicine.


At the time I only really new of one use of Cannabis Hemp, to smoke it and get high. All this information was mind blowing to me and I felt inspired to get more involved with those seeking to end its prohibition. To this end I joined the Legalize Cannabis Campaign and in January 1995, I went to what was to be one of their first meetings in a very long time at the newly opened House of Hemp On Redchurch St, East London.


At the time the LCC was a rather a disorganized, and as it turned out, bankrupt campaign group which seemed to be most focused on the right to smoke Cannabis, rather than extolling the many, many virtues of this incredible plant.


Wishing to be more involved and hopefully getting the campaign more active, I stood for election and was voted onto the executive committee. After only a few meetings I found the campaign to be lacking strong leadership, with little ever being achieved at meetings due to the persistent smoking of copious amounts of Cannabis (Something I was very much part of).


In the summer of 1995, having resigned from the LCC executive committee, I founded the Cannabis Hemp Information Club with the stated aim of  ‘Raising peoples awareness about the history and many uses of Cannabis Hemp’.


To this end I co-organized two central London Cannabis Hemp conferences (both with Hemp fashion shows, the one in September 1995 held at the Rainbow Centre, Kentish Town, was I believe to be the first ever exclusively Hemp Fashion Show in the UK, and I was also one of the models.), two ‘National ‘turn Yourself in’ Days’, a series of ‘fully liberated Cannabis picnics’, in Hyde park, London, held each year on the anniversary of Cannabis prohibition in the UK, and what was to receive much media attention at the time, Britain’s first Cannabis Museum.


Though these events, and especially the opening of the Cannabis museum (which made front page of the Daily Telegraph and a full page story in the London Evening Standard), did raise awareness about Cannabis and fulfilled, I feel the mission statement of CHIC, I wanted to pursue more deeply an open legal battle with the Crown and it’s claim that Cannabis is a dangerous Drug, the cultivation and possession of which is deemed to be illegal with the threat of an unlimited fine and up to 14 years in prison.


Inspired by the ‘Direct Action’ movement, and more specifically the road protest camps of Claremont Road and Newbury, I felt the best way to change the law was to challenge it directly.


One of the most inspiring story’s I heard about law reform was that of the Quaker preachers Penn and Mead, who were arrested for preaching   on Gracechurch Street, London in 1670. They convinced the Jury of their innocence and were found not guilty. This incensed the judge so much that he locked up the jury for two days until Chief Justice Vaughan reviewed the case, had them released and made a historic ruling that in effect the jury have the right and duty to give their verdict according to their conviction. This action is commemorated outside the Old Bailey with a plaque that reads:

plack web

At the time there was a major news story in England when three women were acquitted by a jury accepting that they had used reasonable force to prevent a greater crime’ when they trashed a Hawk jet bound for Indonesia. Despite having caused £1.5 million worth of damage to the plane they walked free from court the jury having returned a majority ‘Not Guilty’ verdict.


When I first met notorious Cannabis smuggler Howard Marks (aka Mr Nice) at the ‘Megatripolis’ club in the Summer of  ’96 I asked him if he would be up for taking part in a ‘Turn yourself day’, where we would walk into police stations across the country, with Cannabis and offer ourselves for arrest.  Without hesitation he agreed, and so in mid-September I rang up Marylebone police station and made an appointment for Howard and myself to be arrested for the possession and supply of Cannabis. There was a stunned silence on the end of the line until the response came that we would only be arrested if were in possession.

And so it came to pass that on September 28th 1996 Howard and I were stood outside Marylebone police station, having just distributed several boxes of hash cakes from Hyde Park’s Speakers corner. At first we were locked out, but then a rather nervous PC, let me in on my own. I walked up to the front desk, placed my one remaining Hash cake on the counter and explained that as a protest against Cannabis prohibition, I had been distributing free Cannabis cakes. The rather bemused desk sergeant smiled, and said ‘Okay you’ve proved your point would you like to leave now please’.

free and howard

And so I walked out the station and ate the remaining cake with Howard, to rounds of applause and shouts of ‘Free Cannabis, get your Free Cannabis.


Though the ‘Turn yourself in day’ had helped me realize that much of prohibition is a fear trip, i.e. the fear of arrest, court and possibly prison, it had not given me the opportunity to express my opinions in court. To this end I felt that I had to be arrested for Cannabis possession. This happened in early March 1997 when I was arrested for 1.57 gm. of herbal Cannabis.


As I refused to accept the initial caution I went to court (on my 30th Birthday) where a rather fascist clerk of the court gave me very little opportunity to voice my opinions. I was fined and given court costs which I had no intention whatsoever to pay. This refusal to pay led to an appearance at Wells magistrate just before Christmas 1997.  They told me to seek legal council, as they didn’t really want to send me to prison.  The legal council I sought was with the plant medicine Ayahuasca. This plant guided me to hold a sponsored prison sentence, and so in January 1998 I stood before Wells magistrates and informed them that I could not, and would not support a system that abuses Human rights and protects the vested interests of multinational companies who are trashing the planet for financial gain. After I had expressed my opinions as to why I would not pay, I informed them that by sending me to prison, they would help raise over a thousand pounds to purchase Cannabis that would then be freely distributed to medical users. I finished by saying  “So sentence and be praised, I Love you all, one and all, thank you.”


The magistrates looked somewhat stunned as they went into recess to figure out what to do with me. They came back and sentenced me to a week at Horfield prison, Bristol.


Interestingly enough, in the same week that I went to prison, Billy Straw, the son of the then Home Secretary, Jack Straw, was given a caution for selling £10 of Hash to a Daily Mirror journalist, Dawn Alford, in a London Pub. In parts of London, or so I was informed, a ‘ten pound draw, was known at the time as a ‘Billy’; Billy Straw, ‘Ten pound draw’, get it?


Whilst in prison I wrote to Jack Straw, with the request of a public discussion around Cannabis and it’s prohibition. As no response was received to this request I decided upon some more direct action. In February 1998 I went to the Home Office with another invitation and a live Cannabis plant. Soon after bringing the Cannabis plant into public display, I was arrested for the illegal possession of a Cannabis plant.


Halleluiah! At last I was to be given the opportunity to speak my truth in a central

I issued the Crown with a counter plaint, prepared for me by the Family Council on Drug Awareness. This was pretty radical stuff and was in effect charging the Crown with perjury, fraud, malfeasance and false arrest.


When I went to Southwark Crown court I was informed by the Judge that he was there to ‘Uphold the Law’, and he would not allow any evidence to be presented that was not directly relevant to the case in hand. Well despite being constantly interrupted by the judge, the jury returned hung after several hours of deliberation. This incensed the judge, who in a rather aggressive and intimidating tone, informed the jury that they had sworn an oath to uphold the law (not true!) and that he expected a verdict reflecting this. Sure enough the jury retuned with a majority ‘Guilty’ verdict, though not an absolute majority. I was fined, given court costs and a 12-month conditional discharge.


Though this case did receive some media attention, mainly by Sky News, there was more, much, much more to come. And that was to come from my move to the ‘Heart Chakra of Mother Earth’, the ‘Ancient Isle of Avalon’, more commonly known as Glastonbury.

Though the Cannabis museum in London did receive a good amount of publicity, it wasn’t really very well located and it certainly wasn’t sustainable. So when a friend of mine suggested moving to Glastonbury and open a Hemp information centre, I responded favourably to the idea, opening as we did ‘In Harmony with Nature’; on the Spring Equinox 1997.


It was at a celebration party for the opening of the shop that whilst exceptional high on drugs, I made the announcement that if a friend of mine was going to change his name to Sky Dancer, then I would change mine to Free Cannabis. It was an affirmation of what I believed, that Cannabis is Free, and would also mean that my forthcoming trial, and all subsequent trials as it turned out, would be billed as ‘The Queen v Free Cannabis’. How symbolic.


The following summer I focused a lot of my energy into a flower display outside my shop, which was to receive a civic award. What the judges failed to recognize (or maybe they did and thought it appropriate), was that within the display were 13 Cannabis plants, such flora did not however escape the attention of Glastonbury Community Officer, PC Rob Davies, who after a bit of cajoling, conceded to arresting me for the cultivation of 13 Cannabis plants.


This was classic. I could not have asked for more from the boys in blue, who kept my arrest secret, as did I, for at the time of the arrest I was not sure if I would be publically awarded for my display.


When the invitation came for an awards ceremony at the Town Hall I felt very confident that I would win first prize, and sure enough I was handed a trophy and certificate by the mayor of Glastonbury for the best first time entry in the Glastonbury in Bloom ’98.


Leading up to my previous trial at Southwark, I was regularly visited by a man who seemed to have a keen interest in things horticultural, often complementing me on my flower display and the absurdity of my trial. Well at tonight’s presentation I realized who this man was, he was deputy Mayor of Glastonbury, Alan Gloak.


After the awards had been handed out and pictures taken for the local papers I approached Allan and told him news of my arrest. He did look somewhat shocked as I left him with this sensational news, for this news was in deed to create quit a sensation, an international, multimedia sensation.


Soon after the awards ceremony I was formally charged with the cultivation of 13 Cannabis plants, news of which, along with winning Glastonbury in bloom, I was keen to share with the local papers, who sure enough run it as front page news. The nationals picked this up and on Friday September 25th 1998 every single national newspaper ran the story. The timing was perfect, as this was also the eve of the Cannabis Picnic to be held in Hyde Park.


Of all the papers that ran the story, the Sun, who dedicated a whole page to it, was actually the most factually accurate, whilst the Times, was one of the least accurate. None of the nationals actually bothered to contact me. I sense very much that they merely read the local story and then embellished upon it.


Alan Gloak, was reported by the Sun to have said ‘Oh shit’ on hearing the news of my arrest. Though he did seem quite shocked on initially hearing the news, he seemed quite happy about the turn of events. It brought national, and as Alan pointed out to me international (I clearly remember him telling me that the New York Times and the Beijing post had run the story) attention to Glastonbury and the lunacy of arresting someone for cultivating a few benign Cannabis plants in a flower display.


From my experiences at Southwark, I no longer pursued the path of the counter plaint. Instead, I merely read a statement to the jury, which though reasonably well written, was not convincing enough to go against the directions of the judge who told the jury that they had a duty to find me guilty which they duly did. However, when it came to sentencing, it was a joy to behold. The CPS asked for several thousand pounds costs, the judge however stated that it was the CPS who decided to bring this case to court, and that Mr Cannabis would quite obviously seize any opportunity to express his views about this matter in court, therefore the CPS must pay the costs of this case. He also refused to fine me, despite the fact that I had breached my conditional discharge from the Home Office case, as he knew full well that I would only refuse to pay any fine and that would eventually lead to my imprisonment at further costs to the taxpayer. I was acquitted, free to go at my leisure, without any mention of suspended sentences or conditional discharges.


Well after 3 court cases and 2 prison sentences (I had been sentenced to 2 weeks at Horfield prison for not paying the fine and costs of the ‘Home Office arrest’) in 2 years, I felt like a break from the court process, however as fate would have it, the universe had other plans.


In spring 1999 I was supported in the running of ‘In Harmony with Nature’ by a guy called ‘Being Purple’ who contrary to my express wishes, insisted on cultivating a multitude of Cannabis plants outside my shop. I had no part in it. I watched them grow, but did not water them, I left that to the council.


Well at the time I was also very outspoken about my use of other drugs primarily LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) and DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) and how it was my experiences with LSD that inspired me to get on the Hemp mission, whilst it was my DMT experiences that totally dissolved the fear control matrix and deeply influenced me in my plans for the National Turn Yourself in Days.


There was a bit of an uproar amongst some people, when a local radio station interviewed me and I asserted my human right to alter my state of consciousness through ethonobotanical plant medicines and psychedelic drugs. Such views were not supported by PC Archard, ex-army and with the philosophy of ‘arrest first, ask questions latter’.


Well to cut to the chase, one hot sunny day in July 1999 I was again arrested for the cultivation of Cannabis plants outside my shop, followed by a raid on my house leading to the following charges:


Cultivation with intent to supply Cannabis


Possession of LSD (Luckily they only found 13 trips and not the sheet that I had stashed elsewhere)


Possession of DMT (They had left this of the charge sheet, but I insisted that they put it on)

Possession of MDMA (methylenedioxy-N-methyl amphetamine) (Not something I was into very much and had been given to me as a present)

Possession of Psilocybin (Magic) Mushrooms.


I felt devastated. Though I had been very public about my previous Cannabis arrests, this was a different matter. We were still in the aftermath of the Leah Betts tragedy, a young girl who died after taking ecstasy at her 18th Birthday party. The truth of the matter was that the coroner stated that she died from “water intoxication” (drinking too much water), and not an allergic reaction to the drug. This truth however was very suppressed by mainstream media and I did not feel like advertising the fact that I had been in possession of MDMA. So I kept quite about it, yet sure enough living in a small town, word got out of my arrest and people were surprised to see me out and about and not locked up. There were also the judgments about  my use of chemical drugs.


And so began what I would call ‘The dark night of my soul’. I went into quite a depressive state, smoking lots of Cannabis and fearing the outcome of the trial. I really didn’t want to go to prison for a long time, and that is what I feared most. I didn’t know how my family would take it, so I didn’t tell them, which made me feel even more shut off.


And so I prayed for the Love of a goddess to help me through this darkness, and soon enough my prayers were answered.


On Saturday September 25th ’99, after another successful Cannabis Picnic, there was an after party at my friends shop, Tony’s Hemp Corner. Here I met a beautiful Finnish Goddess with whom I very son fell in Love with, and the feeling was deeply mutual. However at the time I was holding onto a lot of anger and frustration around my recent arrest and the injustice surrounding drugs prohibition. This anger I vented on the one I love most, my beloved Minna. Though we fell in and out of ‘relationship’ more times than I can possibly remember, she stood by up until the trial in October 2000, which wasn’t that bad after all.


The judge was a pleasant enough chap, and from chats with the CPS it was obvious that he didn’t really want to prosecute me, but he was just doing his job.


Sure enough I was found guilty to all charges, however before the jury had returned verdict the judge made it clear to everyone in court, that no matter what the outcome, I would not be receiving a custodial sentence. Well he was true to his word and gave me 180 hours community service, most of which I spent at British Heart Foundation charity shop, which I actually quite enjoyed, as within a few weeks I was left by the manager to run the shop floor, realizing that I was a very truthful honest man.


It may please you to know that I spent a large part of my community service stoned, as during dry weather I would go to the local park during my lunch break and smoke Cannabis. It certainly made the afternoons more enjoyable.


At the end of the Community service I was left with the other issue of not having paid the court costs and fines. After a few visits by bailiffs and appearances at court, I now found myself in front of Wells magistrates again. The clerk of the court was not giving me much chance to express the reasons why I would not pay the fines and costs, however it was very apparent that I would not pay them, no matter what, at which point the clerk said “Well it looks like you have worked the magistrates into a bit of a corner doesn’t it”.


“Yes, it rather seems that I have”, was my response, smiling gleefully and then turning to my friends and supporters who were equally joyous.


And so the magistrates went into recess.  After my previous experiences of not paying costs and fines I was all set for prison and had bought a selection of books for my retreat at at Her Majesty’s Ashram.


“Well”, said the magistrates after their recess, “we are going to deprive you of your liberty in a way that you may not have been expecting. Rather than send you to prison, you shall be detained at Yeovil police station for the night”


That’s it ?! A night at Yeovil police station, I can handle that.


I left the court in an upbeat mood as my police escort greeted me, two young police officers that were very respectful towards me and only to happy top engage in pleasant banter on the way to Yeovil. It was on the way over to Yeovil that I began thinking. Friday night in Yeovil, there going to need every cell they got, and sure enough as I was nearing the end of Herman Hesses’s classic spiritual text, ‘Siddhartha’, gifted me by my dear friend Lee Harris, the first of the drunken loud mouths were being dragged into their cells. Literally within seconds of me finishing the book, there was a knock at the cell door and my early release call.


I left a happy man, especially as within minutes of arriving at the bus station I was on board a bus bound for Glastonbury, where I happily chatted to a group of teenagers about my adventures.  Well most teenagers that I’ve met Love Cannabis, so I was always happy to pass on a leaflet and have a chat about Cannabis, with Mr Cannabis, far better and more truthful than asking Frank.


When I returned to Glastonbury it was not long before I was on a Love bus to London Town for a 24-hour rave party known as ‘the Warp’. Well not that long after having being stood in the dock at Wells magistrates I was tripping out on psychedelic drugs, rave music and copious amounts of pure Cannabis smoke (I detested it being smoked with commercial tobacco). I love dancing to rave music, especially whilst high on drugs; It is one of my greatest pleasures.


Well after my release from her Majesty’s pleasures, and the opportunity of a profound reading experience, I enjoyed a summer of freedom, well freedom from the courthouse but not from the emotional pains of my turbulent relationship with Minna. Despite all that we went through, Minna was very much there for me, and I sense it must have been quite something to be in relationship with Mr Cannabis. A man who was so openly active about Cannabis and his use of it, often in the media spotlight. She stood by me, in court, but also several weeks before that on the anniversary of our first meeting she stood by me in Hyde Park (whilst still on bail for the multiple drugs case) as I auctioned of lots of Cannabis to the highest bidder, the money going to fund the Free Medical Marijuana Foundation.


The FMMF is an organization I had launched outside the Department of Health in May 1997, with a live Cannabis plant and a selection of Cannabis cakes and the stated intention of supplying Cannabis to medical users, something I continued to do to hundreds of patients very publically (our dispensing ceremony being filmed by Sky News). And with no interference from the police whatsoever.

pot post office

Cannabis growing outside the Post Office on Glastonbury High St.

From this post office kilos of medical Cannabis were posted nationwide.



I felt very liberated, living with no fear around my Cannabis use and my interactions with the plant, and so on September 29th 2001, just weeks after the 9/11 escapade, I stood again at Hyde Park, Speakers Corner in front of thousands of people and hundreds of police as I auctioned a multitude of different types of Hash and Marijuana.


free for website


The reason why so many people were there was because another campaign group the Cannabis Coalition, had decided to hold a Police sanctioned march from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square. All the ‘Cannabis Picnics’ prior to this had been very Anarchic, just get on with it and don’t bother directly informing the Police. I’d done enough of that with NTYDs. I was not at all in favour of this plan to leave the surroundings of soft Grass and big trees into the concrete jungle of Babylon. I didn’t want to go on a protest march, I just wanted to hold the auction and then smoke copious amounts of Ganja.


Well it wasn’t that long into the auction that Chris from the Cannabis Coalition came up to me and said that the police were freaking out and that if I carried on they would come and arrest me.


I’m very pleased to say that without hesitation my immediate response was ‘Well they better come and arrest me then’.


The auction had now been interrupted and had become a public debate on ‘should we stay or should we go’. I expressed my opinion that I personally wished to have no part of a march into Babylon; my connection was with the trees and the smoking of the grass on the grass.


Well, sure enough most people had come for the march and off they went banging their drums, blowing their whistles and honking their horns.


I however remained, with my close friends, those wishing to chill out and smoke weed, as well as a large group of journalists.


Minna of course was there; she stood by me throughout the auction, distributing the winning lots of Cannabis whilst taking the cash.

park interview

She stood back and listened as media reporters interviewed me. I openly talked about my Cannabis and psychedelic drug use and my legal right to them.


After the interview the energy shifted. I noticed a very stern faced looking senior police officer was stood yards away from me. I walked towards him, stared him straight in the face and repeated my views about Cannabis whilst being filmed. It was soon after that, that it suddenly happened. From a state of empowered righteousness, I suddenly felt the ‘strong hand of the law’ as my arms were pulled back by officers on either side of me and encircled by a group of police officers, all linking arms, their backs towards me, facing out to the crowd, whilst I was being cautioned for my alleged misdemeanor


I could say very little, as I was in such pain, my left arm being twisted behind my back. I could only plead for the officer to release his grip, but he ignored me and I was soon escorted away into a police van, whilst I sang ‘All we need is Love, Love, Love is all we need.’


Well to cut a long story short I arrived at West Middlesex Crown court, directly opposite the Houses of Parliament, on Armistice Day 2002 in the clearest state of consciousness I had been in, in many years.  After years of heavy Cannabis smoking, I had made a vow that I would not smoke Cannabis until after my trial. Well 2 months of no smoking and I stood in the witness box to deliver my best performance yet.


As I expressed my beliefs about the medical use of Cannabis and the injustice of its prohibition, most of the jury were openly nodding their agreement. I was in heaven. I was radiating such infallible truths about the benefits of Cannabis and the crime of its prohibition that the jury would not find me guilty. I walked free from court, the jury unable to reach a majority verdict.


This however was not the end of it, for Babylon could not rest with me walking free from what I publically admitted was done with the intention of breaking the law in the most outrageous way possible, prohibition itself being an outrageous breach of Human Rights.


Well for reasons that I will explain another time, I started smoking Cannabis again over Christmas 2002, which lead me into depression again and other old habits came to the surface  that I felt help me cope with my depression, though in reality, they lowered my energy levels, made me loose focus and belief in myself.


In February 2003 I returned to court, alone, with no friends supporting me, to face what I can only describe as the dark overlord, not a judge, but a recorder, a member of the Queens Council who had been relieved from his duties prosecuting for the Crown to oversee my trial.


Well I gave an abysmal performance. I almost deserved to be found guilty. What I was not quite expecting however was being sentenced for 2 months straight from the dock at the Old Bailey, to Bellmarch (known locally as ‘Hellmarch’).


Well prison wasn’t too bad. In fact I had some pretty amazing and very empowering experiences there.


Initially I went on hunger strike, having told the staff that I only ate organic fruit and vegetables, and there was nothing in the prison that I would eat.  After a few days the prison staff specially brought me in a selection of organic fruit and veg. I was so moved by this, that after a few days of contemplation I decided that I could not rebuke this act of Love, and so after 8 days of hunger strike I ate some fruit.


I was treated with the utmost respect by most of the prison staff, apart from one guard who insisted on calling me ‘heroine’, and the governor of the wing. After having come off hunger strike I was moved out of the medical block and onto the ‘wings’. Knowing my rights, I refused to be located within a cell of smokers. This incensed the governor greatly, but he could not refuse my demands, and for every night (except one full moon when I gave up my cell to someone who was ‘loosing it’) I was in a single cell, a privilege often only reserved for long term prisoners and not for short stay prisoners, political activists or otherwise.


When I left prison I swore I would never return, and I’m pleased to say that despite my flagrant disregard for legislation that says it is illegal to grow or use this plant, I have never been arrested in over 10 years.


There are several reasons why I feel that I have not been arrested. The main reason is that I feel that I am known about by ‘Babylonian authorities’ and they know that I know information that they would rather be kept out of the public domain, especially around international drugs trafficking.  You see the thing is during my interview after my arrest in Hyde Park, I explained how the CIA were the main overseers of the international cocaine trade and that the British secret services control the heroine trade. After the interview the two CID officers were chatting to each other saying that “this is going to be an interesting case, what with him mentioning the MI6 drugs connection”


I had never directly mentioned MI6, but it did confirm what I was feeling at the time. At trial I found that 10 minutes or so of the interview transcript was missing and when I asked for them to play it, the tape recorder wouldn’t work, so another was bought in and that didn’t work either, nor the next one, or the next. At this point I gave up, knowing they didn’t want this information, and the fact that the interview transcript had been edited, coming to the light of court. So that’s part of the reason I feel that I’m being left alone. I know too much, and I’m happy to share this information without any fear.

There is also the fact that though I never actually got a not guilty verdict, I did get a hung jury for holding a public Cannabis and they no doubt realized that the chances of me getting a so-called perverse verdict would be quit high. A perverse verdict could then lead to, or so I’ve been told, a judicial review, and the government really don’t want that.


I also sense the police hierarchy are somewhat weary about going after someone who isn’t really what the general public would see as a public threat.


I also have not been courting arrest. The closest I’ve come to a police station with Cannabis, was in September 2004 when I gifted Marylebone police station with a live Cannabis plant.


Free at Marlybone


In February 2005 I stopped smoking Cannabis. This was to radically change my life as began to truly feel, appreciate and understand the deep cellular healing that this plant brings once it is ingested as a food and not smoked.


My feelings about the FMMF also changed. Before taking on patients I would ask them about their preferred method of administration. Most of the patients I supplied to had MS, and most of them smoked it, mainly with tobacco. Though I had the compassion to understand that they found this method of administration helped ease their pain, I felt knowing what I do about smoking I didn’t wish to directly support them in this. I started supplying the Cannabis in cakes, but then people were ordering dozens at a time and it all got too much for me. This combined with logistics of obtaining so much good quality Cannabis (I was smuggling it in from abroad, mainly from Switzerland, but that’s another story) led me to quit running the FMMF. I felt all right about this, as soon after I launched the FMMF, my friend Tony Taylor started openly selling Cannabis to registered patients from his shop ‘Tony’s Hemp Corner’ in King’s Cross. His prices may have been higher, but he had the goods and he was willing to sell them, something, which, as far as I know he continues to do.


After years of front line Cannabis activism and running a Hemp shop, I know sort a deeper spiritual awakening and understanding of my role within the universe. To seek these answers I went up into the mountains of the Sierra Bemjacha in southern Spain were I am very fortunate to be the guardian of several acres of pristine mountain valley, where I undertook deep purification rituals and numerous yogic practices, the details of which shall be revealed at a talk called ‘The Path of a Yogi, finding the light within’, which shall be held at Glastonbury Town Hall on March 20th 2013

path of a yogi scn.sht

The most intense of these practices was the 40 days leading up to my birthday on September 4th 2008.


Each day I would rise with the dawn chorus, sings songs of Love and devotion to the angels of the water before bathing in the river, chant Sanskrit mantras designed to draw Kundalini energy up through the sushumna nadi (spinal column) energizing and balancing each of the chakras until the kundalini passes up through the crown chakra with the realization of the unity of all creation, solar gazing (staring straight into the sun at dawn and dusk), Connecting with Gaia, our dear mother Earth, by lying on her and gently stroking and caressing her as I sing songs of love and devotion to her, do yoga (as in the asanas (poses) of hatha and ashtanga yoga), read spiritual texts, go on long hikes around the mountains and eat very little food.  It had been my initial intention to fast for 40 days on water, however by day 8, I felt very week when carrying watering cans up steep terraces to water my Ganga plants.  So I decided to eat some fruit, mainly wild grapes and ‘chumbo’ (prickly rear fruit), between days 8 and 24. I finished with 16days on water and then brook my fast on my birthday with a Cannabis flower from last years harvest. Well after a few hours wait the revelations came.


Free Water meditation


I sought enlightenment. The truth to the nature of my being. Well I’d long realized the importance of Love, however my true expression of Love was being blocked, but now that block was about to be removed and I was soon to enjoy a lightness of being and sense of Love that this body had never remembered experiencing before. And it came when I truly realized the importance of one of the keys to Spiritual awakening: FORGIVNESS.


That day I went though in my minds eye, many situations in my life where I felt that someone had done me ‘wrong’, whose actions, intentional or otherwise had i felt, caused me suffering and I forgave them.


Oh what bliss, oh what joy, as the floodgates to unconditional Love opened within me and I became an ecstatic being of Love. I felt so full of ecstatic bliss and a profound sense of divine Love flowing through my heart that I soon undertook another 40-day chanting discipline, this time focusing on becoming a being of peace.

When I returned to England in late October 2008, a celibate monk with a deep sense of inner peace and calm I was to meet again with a goddess who would radically change my life.


You see, this goddess, was and still is, a ‘rebirther’, someone who, through special breathing techniques can bring all sorts of emotional pain to the surface, so the breath can then release it. Amazing. Some of the most profound healing I’ve ever had, and greatly helped me on my path of Love.  (Check out her service work at


I returned to Spain in March 2009, and apart from a few brief visits back to England, I spent most of my time living wild, naked and free with a beautiful young goddess called Matty. It was an amazing experience for both of us to live in that environment together, solely as friends.


For the 40 days leading up to my Birthday in 2009 I did my usual yogic practices, but this time chanted ‘Aham Prema’, which literally means ‘I am Divine Love’, it’s vibration bringing about the transformation of ones entire body, being, nature and spirit into an emanation, ones own particular emanation of divine Love. I chanted this Mantra well over 230,000 times over those 40 days, or actually to be more precise, sung it.


When I returned to England on November 5th 2009 I felt like I was floating in a bubble of ecstatic bliss, and nothing could burst my bubble of bliss, well not until ‘carnival’ night.


‘Glastonbury Carnival’ (Literally meaning Meat Fest – derived from the Spanish ‘Carne’ – ‘Meat’) is one of the weirdest most bizarre events to take place in Glastonbury and surrounding towns. A cavalcade of tractors towing floats covered in thousands of flashing lights, with people all dressed up I fancy dress to the back drop of very load music. A feast for those seeking sensory overload, also catered for by a multitude of burger vans and candy stalls.

When I left town to get to Suzanna’s house I walked up Fisher Hill, closed to traffic but then at the end of it, I was met by crowds several people deep, all waiting for the cavalcade of lights. I asked some marshals if there was an alternative route through, which there wasn’t. It was soon after this that it happened. It all seemed so mad to me, and then after many months of abstention from profane language, my burble burst and I said out load


“This is Fucking Madness”.


As my bubble of bliss burst to the vibration of carnival, I felt I’d become too pure for this environment. I couldn’t handle it. Maybe this was one of the reasons that after 10 years as a fundamentalist raw foodie, I stated eating cooked food again. Wow, what an experience. I found it very sensory stimulating, highly seductive and deeply addictive. Curries were our main choice, Suzanna and I sharing many a mixed veg Roghan Josh. Maybe I overdid it a bit with the cooked food, but I certainly felt certain sensations that I had not felt for many years. Deep, deep depression, so deep that I couldn’t talk to anyone about it, as it felt so weird to the states of bliss that I had become accustomed to. This depression led me into other old habits that, at the time I believed would help me cope better. This all came to a head in Winter 2009, when for the first time I started experience something that I could only vaguely remember from over 20 years ago.  Flu symptoms; sore throat, aching swollen limbs and a headache.  It felt horrible. This was the incentive to make me quit the cooked food relapse and embrace the raw food lifestyle again.


Within months of letting go of cooked foods I found myself in a beautiful little house, by the woods on the ‘edge of the cauldron’ of Glastonbury.


It is here that I have found a profound sense of inner balance and a deepening love for life and all creation.


I feel so blessed to be alive at this incredible time of transformation on planet earth. I sense that we are on the brink of a new golden age.

The winter Solstice of 2012 heralded a long awaited moment in our journey through time and space.  At 11.11 am on Friday 21 December 2012, our Sun aligned with the Galactic Equator and we  reached a point that many ancient cultures including the Maya, prophesised as ‘the end of the world’.  I feel deeply that our thoughts and actions are creating the reality in which we experience life, the journey of the soul back to the source of our creation. I believe that time is illusionary, everything is happening now, as we are fractals of light within a multidimensional, holographic, multiverse.  A multiverse of suns and planets that are in constant cyclic motion, and we are experiencing the end of two great cycles, one of 5126 years, the Mayan ‘Long count’ and one of 26,000 years, the precession of the equinoxes, and they both came to an end on 21.12.12.  This was a very rare event.

So my take on all this is that we are witnessing the end of the ‘old world order’, a world controlled through fear, injustice, and exploitation, and we are moving into a Golden Age, a ‘new world order’ where Love, Peace and Unity are the controlling forces upon the planet.  To put it another way, we are coming out of duality consciousness and moving into unity consciousness, so rather than experiences life as being in separation from each other, we are coming together into a global family of Love.


Several thousand people gathered on Glastonbury Tor to celebrate this event, whilst I was sat in the middle of the scrying pool, beneath the Tor in the White Spring Water temple, chanting “Om Lokah Samasta Sukino Bavantu” (May all the beings in all the Worlds be happy and at peace).  I felt drawn to doing this after I read the ‘Magdalena Mysteries’, in which it was claimed that there are two portals between Earth and Sirius (We are following Sirius through space in a helical spiral that is geometrically identical to our DNA. We are deeply connected with Sirius). One is in Galilee and one is in Glastonbury, so as Sirius is very much connected to water, inhabited it is claimed by very big fish and wales, I felt being in the scrying pool, chanting for world peace was the most powerful place for me to be at this time.

Since being back in England I have very much embraced the path of Bhakti yoga, a path of devotional service doing all work with a deep Love for all creation.


I have so embraced the path of Love, and Love to emanate it, receive it and play with it, a bubble of bliss flowing from wave to wave within the ocean of Love. One of the ways I have most enjoyed expressing my Love is through numerous ‘Hug Ins’. In the few years that I have been back in England I have co-organized numerous ‘Hug In’ days, billed as ‘Free Hugs and Hemp Truffles’, I litterly hug people who come to feel the Love of a being who has deeply pursued the path of Love and wishes to share it with his brothers and sisters. I was deeply inspired to take this action by an Indian saint called Sri Mata Amritanandamayi (aka Amma), a Goddess from whom I have received Darshan (a deep heart felt hug) several times. What I’ve never done is eaten her prasard, blessed food, in this case a boiled sweet. So rather than a boiled sweet, my darshan is a hug followed by a Hemp truffle, or on special occasions, also a slice of Hemp Love cake. I’ve lost count of the number of people that I have hugged in this way, or the people who’ve said that the truffles taste absolutely amazing, the best ever. Well I do this all for Love. And of course it’s not me that’s doing it. I’m fully enlightened to the realization that I am a fractal of Love within the infinite creation of Love and it’s the power of Love that is blissing people out. It’s great. I Love it.

Group Hug

Forthcoming ‘Hug In’ dates:


14th February 2013: Happy Love Day


23rd March 2013: 16th Anniv. Of ‘Hemp in Avalon’, Hempin’ the World.


5th May 2013: ‘Beltane Hug In’ after the Glastonbury Road Run, in which I partake.


For more details see events @


Though expressing Love in this way is a big part of my life, expressing truth is also something very dear to me, and there are a few truths that I would like to share with you.


As you are no doubt aware by now I am very passionate about Cannabis, and something I have only really began to comprehend in the last few years is that:


There is nothing unlawful about the cultivation, use or possession of Cannabis, though some people claim it to be illegal.


There is a difference between Lawfulness and legality.


Natural Law, Universal Law and Common Law are true Laws, and they are what we are answerable to.


The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, the legislation that criminalizes Cannabis is an ACT (‘Advanced Corporation Tax’) of Parliament. The British Government is in effect a privately owned corporation. I would speculate that it is owned by the Rothschilds, a banking family who I would also speculate owns the privately owned Bank of England. And this is what it boils down. Money.


As Henry Kissinger put it; “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world. “


Or to put it another way:


“Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank, give a man a bank, and he can rob the world”.


There was a time when people deposited their gold and silver with ‘money lenders’ who then issued promissory notes based upon the value of the gold reserves they held. This soon developed into fractional reserve banking where the money lenders issued promissory notes at multiples of the  solid assets they held. Now however the banking systems of the world, all privately owned, except in North Korea and Iran, are based upon what are called Fiat currencies. The Banks make money (literally out of thin air) and then sell it to the government, at interest (paid for by the taxpayer), who then call it legal tender. It’s a scam, totally fraudulent and totally corrupt, as is the prohibition of Cannabis. For the prohibition of Cannabis has been enacted to suppress the most valuable natural resource on the planet and protect the vested interests of large privately owned corporations (most of the big ones being owned, I would speculate by the Rothchilds), as well as creating an uncontrolled, unregulated drugs market, with all the social problems this creates. These statutes are then upheld by the police service (privately owned, as far as I am aware, by IBM computers, a sister company to IG Faben, the Nazi company who developed the nerve gases in the concentration camps), the court services and prison services (all privately owned).


What most people don’t realize is that ALL British Statutes (And definitely the Misuse of Drugs ACT) are constitutionally illegal and that we are governed by consent, a fact that was ratified by Theresa May MP and Home Secretary, who stated on BBC news on 9th August 2011, that  ‘the way we police in the UK is by consent’.


Unknowingly we have given permission for the Vatican, Queen, Crown, Government and the Banks to manipulate and con us into believing that Admiralty Law, Statute Law and Commercial law is the LAW. It is NOT! It is mass fraud, and in many cases, especially with Cannabis legislation, a gross breach of Human rights.


These so-called ‘laws’ are written in a language known as Legalese, that few people understand and are bound by Roman ‘Law’ and Papal Bulls, documents that have NOTHING to do with Natural Law, Universal Law or Common Law, but are more do with mass control through fear and the accumulation of monetary wealth for the so-called ‘global elite’.


Perhaps an even more shocking truth is how, at birth many of us are sold into corporate slavery.


Our birth certificate is a bonding document, and when your birth is registered (‘Regis’ handing ownership to the Crown) you are basically sold as a corporate slave. The belief by the system being that you will pay back their investment in taxes and if you step out of line with all their rules and regulations you will be tried in a ‘Court de Facto’ (a court compromising of judge, lawyers, using maritime/admiralty law with canon/ecclesiastical law (‘laws’ based on the claimed authority of the church) rather than ‘Court de Jure’ (a court of 12 ‘good men’, no judge or lawyers, using common law.)


So how are they, the system, that I, and many, personally call Babylon ‘getting away with it’? Well to fully explain that would be a book within itself.  Bottom line, there getting away with it because the ‘masses’ are fed by a media, which tells lies and aims to keep people in a state of fear. The ‘masses’ are also overeating large quantities of ‘junk foods’ and consuming large quantities of soul-destroying drugs. All these things combined with Fluoridation (a known rat POISON that makes peoples more subservient) of water has made for a world populated by many that are too ignorant, frightened or apathetic to do anything about it.


So what can we do about? Well I’m pleased to say that there is a global awakening that is taking place on an exponential scale.  We are waking up to the fact that we are manifestations of The True Divine Creator and We Own Ourselves, You are no ones slave and no ones master.


You are Free.


Wake Up! Wake Up!


Let go of all FEAR (Falls Evidence Appearing Real).


You are Love.


Wake Up! Wake Up!


Remember it is all Love. Babylon is part of God. They you go. I’ve done it. I’ve used that word that has caused so many wars and so much suffering in the fights over which religion is God’s true religion.


Love is my religion.


For God is Love. Allah, Krishna, Jehovah, Shiva, it’s all Love. Love it all, for all is Love.


But why all the fighting, war and death on the planet? The working through of Karma maybe? Or maybe in this apparently dualistic universe in which we are experiencing life, we need these levels of polarity to push us through into higher dimensions of existence.


Here on planet earth, in what I experience as now, we have free will. I can choose to respond to any situation with Love or react with fear. I seek only to follow the path of Love, no matter what Babylon does, it’s all ultimately coming from Love, and how I respond to it will determine, I feel the destiny of this soul, and the journey back to the source of it’s creation.  The thing is, we are all on that journey and that’s why I would deeply Love to connect with other souls seeking the path of Love. We are all unique in our own special way, and we all have our part to play in this truly magical Leela (Divine story) that is unfolding before our eyes.


I’m so very grateful of playing the role of ‘Free Cannabis’ and I wish again to be taking a leading role in Cannabis activism.  I seek the opportunity to spread the word about the many benefits of Cannabis Hemp, whilst expressing the importance of Love and forgiveness to the politicians who have lied to us for so long. Please, if you, or anyone you know is involved in any way with any form of media, TV, radio, newspapers etc., I would love the opportunity to share my truth about Cannabis.


We are moving into, or are already in, depending on your source of reference, the Age of Aquarius, the age of TRUTH.


The truth is that Cannabis Hemp is the most healing beneficial plant on the planet and it’s prohibition is unjust, immoral, unlawful and unworkable, for no legislation will ever stop me, or millions of other people worldwide from growing and utilizing Cannabis.


I deeply, deeply Love Cannabis and though I have had many amazing Cannabis experiences there is a Cannabis experience that I deeply wish for, and I wish to share it with the world.


This year for my Birthday I wish to head up into the Himalayas and head towards the source of Mother Ganga. On the way I will harvest some wild Cannabis flowers and carry them with me to Gangotri and onto Gaumukh. Here I will bath in the Ice cave known as the Cows Mouth from which the melt water of this Glacial cave form the origin of the Bhagirathi, which then becomes the Ganga. After I have bathed in these waters I intended to head up to Tapovan (literally translates as forest of Spiritual practice) for my 46th Birthday on 4th September 2013. I will then eat of the Tree of Life and ………..

cows mouth

Well we shall. In my heart I feel that it will reveal to me a great, great teaching. A teaching that I wish to share with the world, and that is why I am sharing this wish with the world. I hope that sometime soon a TV production company will contact me and say  ‘We would Love to film this’, and make what I feel will be a very life affirming and positive documentary.


Cannabis has taught me much, but above all else it has truly opened my heart to Love in so many ways. One of the ways that it has opened my heart most is through the expression of art, especially poetry. I Love to share my poetry and I know leave you with words of what to me is one of the highest expressions of Love I can give to the world, a Love poem for Mother Gaia.

Love Poem for Mother Gaia

I would like to share with you, a love poem for Mother Gaia,

for my Love for her made me feel:

I don’t need to work for a living, for I live for living,

living in the light of understanding that I am a child of the universe.

I came through the Sun soul traveling,

home to Earth, back to Gaia,

who bore me through Mother Divine,

to feel her Love deeply, deeply within this soul,

a spiritual being having the experience of being human.

And human becoming I am,

for I feel the love within me reflected back in every face,

in every plant and every tree,

in every lake and every sea,

it’s all within me,

I feel it,

it’s Love for me,

and I for it, for it is I,

I and I, the Love Divine,

the Heavenly Father, the Earthly Mother,

all is one in the great design,

the master plan, unfolding before conscious eyes.

The trouble and strife, it’s part of this life to see the effects

of free will misdirected to separate us, confuse us, delude us.

So let’s join hand in hand, hearts connected,

following the path back to the light of unity consciousness,

that we are all of one.

So let the Love between us, here in paradise.,

that place within us,

within us, deep inside our hearts,

where God’s Love resides.

Ahhhh, how I feel your Love, the Love divine, it’s nectar flowing through my heart, opening the doorway back to the source,

back to the source of the Love that created me,

back to my Father, for he is within me, as is my Mother,

they created me, the Love divine, from which I shine the light of understanding that we are all of one.

One Love,

One Heart,

One God,

I’m Free.

Free, Free of the misunderstanding that we are in someway separate from each other,

for we all came from the Source,

an explosion of Love expanding ever outwards,

on all levels and all dimensions.

And as the love flows from the source,

passing through the dimensions of existence,

the particles of Love coalesce,

forming Suns, Stars and beings of light,

that walk, talk, fly and grow upon this earth,

until that day that the star portal opens,

and we consciously fly through the eye of the Sun,

coming closer, closer, to the source of the Love that created us.

So to help us grow I would say this:

Forgive all, Love all.

To all beings on all dimensions;

I Love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I thank you.

honor your body as the temple of Love that it is.

Feed it with Love, feed it with Light.

Drink of the pure waters of Mother and child.

Be in the elements,

naked and barefoot on Mother Earth.

Soak it all in,

the Love of the Angels of the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother,

connecting with the Sun, Air, Earth and Water,

all is divine Love sent.

Be it, feel it, Live the Light day and night

in gratitude for the gift of life,

and the unfolding of consciousness within us, around us

as we return back, back to the Source,

our Earth reborn.

A new Jerusalem,

Gaia healed.

Trees growing everywhere,

Flowers blooming, here and there,

fruits flowing freely here in the Garden of Paradise.

And please don’t ever forget,

that it’s in the awareness of the here and now

that paradise lies, unfolding before your eyes,

it’s just how you see it,

with Love it’s paradise.

So Love your way home,

home of the Love and the Light that created you.

For I and I, Love You