Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I am one,

one with the birds and the bees,

the flowers and the trees,

the land and the seas.

For I am one with all that is,

and all that is, is Love.

Love vibration on many planes and levels,

vibrating from the source of all that is, and all that is, is Love.

So my Love, how can we connect vibrationally?

Harmonizing, synergizing our soul vibrations into the monadic planes and beyond.

I and I connect with you.

In Lakesh, I am reflection of you,

and this soul incarnate in a physical body, well opps!, I’ve made a few mistakes along the way.

So please accept me for who I am, a traveler on a journey home to my father, my creator,

the source of the Love that created me.

So how to get there you may well ask.

Well I sense there are many ways to raise our vibration,

creating a one Love, one heart, Love nation.

But most important of them all, the golden key to the door of higher dimensions and beyond,

is to Love all, for all is Love.

Love you Mother, Love your Father

Love your brother and Love your sister.

Love the plants and Love the trees

Love the earth and Love the seas.

Love it all with all your heart and loving passion.

Well, that’s easy for me to say, for I’ve been eating from the Tree of Life,

the sacred Plant Cannabis that connects me to all that is,

for when I eat from the Tree of Life, I become the Tree of Life

and then I drink from the Tree of Life and become immortal,

for my soul is immortal.

My body is my chariot home, and the more I love it, and feed it with Ganja,

the easier the journey becomes,

for my natural state of being is joy and bliss.

A being of Love, bringing Love to all that surrounds me.

So my Loves, let’s get loving,

eat some Ganja and get on the Love train to paradise

with the happy Hempstar posse all a singing:

Joy, Joy, Bliss, Bliss, we Love Cannabis.

Joy, Joy, Bliss, Bliss, we Love Cannabis.

Joy, Joy, Bliss, Bliss, we Love Cannabis.

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