Free Cannabis Rap

Free at MarlyboneHi my names Free Cannabis and I’m on a mission 

to free the weed from Babylon oppression. 

So if the growing of a plant is a criminal offence 

I’d like to offer you my statement of defence

It’s a plant, it grows naturally, or can’t you see 

Have you been blinded by lies, and out and out hypocrisy ? 

Oh can’t you see this hypocrisy ? 

You can buy booze, fags, and dodgy designer chemical drugs, 

Yet a God given Plant is defined as a Drug. 

What Madness is this ? 

Madness, madness, I call it madness 

Oh Cant you see, the lies on TV, 

Well if that is the Madness, then I’m filled with gladness. 

For It’s in my veins, it’s THC, and it connects me, 

Connects me directly, to Great Spirit in all its supreme Divinity, 

The trinity, within unity, 

It’s plain to see, that you and me, 

We’re connected, 

Connected to the Source, 

So free your minds and return to the Source, 

Genesis 1.29 

Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed !” 

So if the growing of a plant is a criminal offence, 

Then God must be guilty and duly sentenced, 

That’s bullshit, a big fat lie, 

God ain’t guilty, the law is the lie, and that’s because, if truth be told, 

Cannabis is legal!, prohibition is the crime ! 

But if God is a criminal, then I’m his accomplice, 

I’ll take God’s side and defend the charges. 

The law is the crime, and that’s a fact, 

For it plainly breaches the Human Rights Act 

Article 9 of the European Declaration of Human Rights clearly states that: 

everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion”. 

Well if that the case, I rest my case. 

But no they say, a new bits been added. 

Sub-clause article 9-2 states that: 

Freedom to manifest one’s religion or beliefs shall be subject to such limitations 

as are necessary and prescribed by law in a democratic society 

in the interests of protecting public health and safety” 

Protecting health and safety, well that’s a lie, 

Cannabis is good for you and great for the planet. 

So get your seeds nice and early, ready to plant early next spring, and we shall sing: 

All we are saying, is give Hemp a Chance, 

All we are saying, is give Hemp a Chance, 

All we are saying, is give Hemp a Chance ! 

Hemp is the one that will truly heal ‘yer 

Hemp is the one that will feed and clothe ‘yer 

Hemp is the one that will take you higher 

Hemp is the one that will save the planet 

So let’s grow Hemp, Hemp, Cannabis Hemp 

Fields of Hemp, towns of Hemp 

Let’s grow Hemp ! 

So lets get sowing, and lets get growing 

& overgrow this Government. 

Well I’ve almost said my bit, 

but before I go I just like to Say: 

I Love You 

Because you, me and the Universe are One, 

And we’re all in this together. 

So what can we do about it? 

Well, we could reverse the effects of Global Warming,  

Save the Rainforests, 

Feed, Clothe and Shelter the World’s population entirely, using just One Plant: 

Cannabis ! 

Use locally, Grow globally ! 

So come on now, Mr Brown, 

There’s no need to fool around 

The truth is out, the people know it, 

Cannabis is the plant that will Save the Planet. 

So let’s stop the greed, and sow the seed, 

That will save the planet and free the Weed 

And now that the weed is free, 

We can see, the pain has gone, 

We’ve left Samsara, here we are in Nirvana 

And guess what ? 

It’s raining Hemp Alleluia, 

It’s raining Hemp Alleluia, 

It’s raining Hemp Alleluia ! 

All – e – lu – ia, 

Alleluia, Alleluia, 

I really love yer, 

                              Oh yes I do.

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